Dust Off That Dream

Have you ever had a dream that just won’t let you go? Thoughts of it, are always in the back of your mind. Sometimes that dream may lay dormant for months, or even years, but every once in a while you’ll take out the dream, dust it off, and wonder what if? Your mind drifts to the possibilities.

I find myself at that place. The dream seems kind of big. A little scary. Sort of overwhelming, but……still……..it remains. I could stay where it is safe, on a path with which I am familiar. If I do that, will I regret it? Even if I try and don’t succeed, I will still have the satisfaction of knowing I tried. That’s something.

God has made each of us unique. Our stories are all different…..no two are exactly alike. That goes for dreams too.

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is found in Hebrews. Chapter eleven recalls people throughout history that proved faithful. “By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going.”  Hebrews 11:8 

Abraham trusted God’s plan. He went when he was told, but had no idea where he was going. Can you even imagine? I’m sure Abraham had times where he was nervous, or confused, and the promise of a place seemed far, far away, yet he still believed and he remained faithful to God’s promise.



“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” –Earl Nightingale

He Is The Maker Of Dreams

It’s Monday, and I feel really good about it being Monday. Not that it matters what I think, because Monday would happen regardless of my feelings about it. Anyway, it is going to be a good day. I don’t know why, I just feel it.

I was up and at it at 5 in the morning. Yes, 5am. I really am a morning person if given the choice. Of course, if I get up that early I’d really prefer to go to bed early. That is not always possible because I am the only morning person in this house of five. Although, earbuds and a Nexus have helped my husband to quietly watch TV  in bed, while I roll over and start snoozing. I’m all for technology that is quiet and lets me sleep.

My son is doing an internship at a local Christian radio station in town. I’m enjoying listening to him in the morning for a couple of hours before he heads off to school. It makes me happy to hear him, and hear the smile that is in his voice. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that my little boy isn’t really my little boy anymore. He is my eighteen year old, young adult. When did that happen? The years they truly do go by so quickly. I try so hard to record the moments, the every day minutes that make the memories.

I am also a step mom to two young adults. The house seems to be over run with young adults. My husband and I are currently outnumbered.  I am trying to get my daughter to seriously consider massage therapy as a viable career, she is not so sure. I am trying to convince her that I would be glad to sacrifice my time for her to have someone to practice on. Just sayin’. I feel it is my duty, as her mom, to help her in her endeavors. My oldest son is not completely sure what he is doing with his life. He is more of the free spirit, which is great if being a free spirit also makes him some money. I think he would agree with that.

I realize how blessed I am….on most days. Not always. Some days are mopey (and dopey!) and muddled and I wonder who I am, much less what I am doing. I know I am happy to be married to a man that loves me…and that I love back. When he is away on business I am reminded how much I love and miss him. There is a hole left here when he is gone. (And if he is reading this, and he probably isn’t because he hardly ever reads my blog posts unless I make him, I do miss you sweetheart!)

As the new year is well into its second week, I’ve been thinking. Thinking not really about resolutions but about dreams and passions. I have many varied interests, and at 45 I really am considering what I’ll be doing with the rest of my life. (Which I hope is many more years, and I die peacefully in my sleep somewhere in my 90’s.) I’m currently reading a book by Holly Gerth about God Sized Dreams. God makes each of us unique, each with our own dreams and passions. He can use those dreams to make something wonderful for each of us, and to bring Him glory.

I am ready, for whatever. My answer to Him is “Yes!”.


Today I am thankful for: IMG_0341

* the dark of early morning

* mocha coffee at Sweet Aromas

* listening to my son on the radio

* my daughter up and at it, early

* family

* my bed is made

* my house is clean

* friends that make me smile

* a chance to help others

* God who is the Creator of dreams

  Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1  NIV


Encouragement Is Nourishment


Today, over at Faith Barista, we are jamming about encouragement. We are discussing the topic where we feel we could use a little (or a lot) encouragement. Truth be told, couldn’t we all use some?


I love to travel. The thought of the open road gets me all excited.

I love to meet people. I love to hear stories. I love to write.

I love vintage. Treasure finding. Flea markets. Decorating.

The Junk Gypsies are my heroes.

East coast, Maryland girl. Down home, Tennessee woman. Mid-West mama, lovin’ Ohio.

Kickin’ it up in cowboy boots in  Texas. In awe of the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Love ’em all.

I love living in the country and the every day of small town life.

I thrill at the bright lights and diversity and interesting shops in the cities.

I am passionate about rights for the disabled. I want to help where I can.

I am constantly in awe of my Jesus. His name is above all others.

I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Life has been a roller coaster. A heartache and a party.

Love. Laughter. And Mud. (nobody’s perfect)

So, that is kind of me….as best as I can describe myself.

I guess, at age 43, I pretty much know who I am. What I like. People I love.

But, where do I fit in? How do I meld together my talents with my interests?

Is anyone out there, “living the life”? Do you wake up in the morning, knowing you

are exactly where you are supposed to be? Doing what you love?

I know, no one’s life is perfect……and I wouldn’t want perfect anyway. That’s boring.

How do you live out your dreams?

Please share your advice. I read every comment.

Your words matter.

They really do.


Dreaming of…VAMPIRES??!!

Shadow of Count Orlock, in the film Nosferatu

Image via Wikipedia

I’ve been a vampire fan since my senior year in high school. That’s when it all started. It was the silliest movie, Fright Night. Don’t blame me. I was 17. Seventeen year olds usually don’t have good taste.

1. I am a vivid dreamer.

2. My dreams always seem very real. VERY REAL.

3. In the early morning hours, of this morning, I dreamed about vampires.

4. Yes, vampires.

5. And no, not the Twilight kind.

6. I’ve never even read a Twilight Series book.

7. Only saw the first quarter of the first movie before I fell asleep.

8. True story. Don’t hurt me.

9. I prefer Bela Lugosi.

10. Or Nosferatu.

11. Have you ever seen him? Now, he will scare your socks off.

12. Or cute vampires, like Keifer Sutherland in Lost Boys.

13. Vampires can be cute too.

14. That’s always nice to know.

15. Just in case.

16. Or like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview With A Vampire.

17. That was a good, time period piece.

18. I like that.

19. So anyway, back to me and my dream.

20. I was at some sort of a party.

21. And I was still me, but younger.

22. I was sort of a Buffy like character.

23. You know “the slayer” type.

24. I was out to kick some scary, evil, vampire butt.

25. Go figure.

26. It was dark.

27. And creepy.

28. And I got nervous and had to use the bathroom.

29. They never show that in the movies.

30. In real life… um… dream life…..fighting vampires is not easy.

31. And since I have a bladder the size of a pea…

32. I thought I should take care of business.

33. Before I took care of business.

34. If you know what I mean.

35. My friends were down by the dock.

36. Why do people go outside in the dark?

37. Down next to the water.

38. Where it is dark and foggy?

39. For cryin’ out loud.

40. Now, I had to go down there.

41. And save them from an eternity of being one of the undead.

42. They so owe me.

43. I remember sneaking around.

44. And this one lady told me that the vampires knew me.

45. What?!?

46. They knew I was coming.

47. How come they always know that kind of thing?

48. So, off I went.

49. And wouldn’t you know it….

50. Just as I get there, my alarm clock went off.