Things That Make You Go Hmm….

It’s another rainy and gray Tuesday. It seems as if this is the way the entire Spring will be. On that note I’ve decided to go through my pictures, and pull out the ones that make me giggle, amuse me, or are just plain silly. It always feels good to laugh, doesn’t it?

So, I walked in the bedroom yesterday and this is what I saw.  I told my husband that we now have “his and hers” foot warmers.

The other day I looked out my kitchen window…and this is what I saw.  I guess Fed Ex and UPS have to meet on back country roads to talk to each other. They just want us to THINK that they are bitter, package delivering, rivals. Now the truth is out!

Joe is our senior dog. In dog years he is like, eighty-five. He has arthritis and takes glucosamine & chondroitin daily. He still knows how to be silly and have a good time.

This picture of  me, always makes me laugh. I call this my Nanook  of the North picture. We were in the process of building our house, it was the dead of winter, and I wore that hat everywhere. No kidding. I looked like a citizen of Siberia, Russia. The shades were because of snow glare, not because I was trying to be “Hollywood“. Just sayin’.

This is a neighbor of ours. He was out for his morning jog.