November Evening

The waning light filtered through the frosted glass. With the time change it got dark early, so she wanted to get all her outside chores completed before it was too dark to see what she was doing. The cold wasn’t bad, she actually enjoyed the cold, brisk air, but the wind did not do any favors. It cut right through her no matter how many layers she was wearing. 

Staring out the window into the fading light while stirring dinner on the stove, she pondered over the seasonal switch that seemed to have taken place. September had still been summer-like hot, the first half of October was unseasonably warm, a couple weeks of autumn chill, and then snow on November ninth and ice on the fifteenth. She wondered what this would mean for the winter months ahead? 

The mug of hot coffee felt nice against her hands. Her cozy, Scandinavian patterned socks kept her feet warm and her footsteps soft as she padded across the dining room and into the living room. She pulled her sweater tight around her and threw a soft blanket over her legs as she settled down on the couch. This was definitely the beginning of cuddly weather. 

She prayed everyone was warm and safe on this cold November evening.  

Cold Beauty, Again

I pulled this wintery post from my archives…… it seemed perfect for today. A cold and snowy day after freezing temperatures.








Yes. This winter seems unending.

It has been cold and chaotic since the first snow fell on December 1.

And yet…as I stand at my kitchen window, I am amazed at the beauty of it all.

I quietly sigh. I stare upward.

White gray.

Snow blowing every which way. A blur of flakes.

Each one different. Unusual.

The scene before me resembles a snow globe that has been shook hard.

A flake frenzy.

Cold beauty.

Dogs with snowy fur.

Schools closed.

Gray sky filled with flakes.

The roar of wind.

I feel the need to snap a picture. To remember.

To pull out on the hot, sticky days of late July.

A cool memory to ease the pain of the heat.

Lord, I am thankful for this day you have given me.

And for the eyes wide open…to see your gift to me.

Polar Vortex, What?

The coldest temperatures in Ohio in over 20 years. ( The “Polar Vortex” has dropped down for a visit!) 102_2866

Winds between 25-35 miles an hour. (It is always windy here, I’m used to it.)

Blowing snow that stings the face. (Ouch. Don’t like that, plus it ruins my mascara.)

Breathing in the cold air, literally hurts. ( I try not to breathe, but that doesn’t really work.)

Layers of clothing, coat, scarf, insulated gloves, hat with ear flaps, boots. (I look like the an Abominable Snowman.)

The only part showing is the eyes, and they are watering from the cold and wind. (No, I’m not crying!)

The crazy thing about all of this, the temps are to be up in the high 40’s by the end of the week. It is supposed to rain, which will melt everything and we will be left with a muddy, mucky mess.




Blowing Wild In The Wind

Winter is here…… blowing snow, ferocious wind, and temperatures in the negative. Brrrr……baby it’s cold outside! Ohio hasn’t seen it this cold since the late 1980’s.

Wind blowing hard as I open the door. Breath catching, air so cold. Hat snug over my ears. Some hair escapes and blows wild in the wind. Legs already beginning to go numb in the bitter cold of this January morning. Gray blue sky, wind picking up snow, throwing it at incredible speed. I feel as if I am trapped in a shaking snow globe. Hurry! Hurry! Get to the barn, out of the wind. Animals happy to see me. Safe and snug.

This is a day to stay inside.


Today I am thankful for: 

*a warm house

*warm coats, scarves, hats and  boots

*sunny day

*help from my husband to feed the animals today


*my son talking to me about photography

*hash brown casserole hot from the oven

*cozy socks

*friends that make me smile

*loving family

*day off of school

*getting things done around the house

*watching a movie





Psalm 7:17

I will give thanks to the LORD because of his righteousness and will sing praise to the name of the LORD Most High.

Layer Up!

Honestly, I wonder if I would have been able to make it as a pioneer woman. A self sufficient homesteader… How did she make it during the winter, in a little cabin, in the bitter cold of the (at the time) west? I know Ohio is considered Mid-West now, but you know when one was leaving from the colonies on the east coast, Ohio really was west. Just sayin’. I’d probably take up quilting. Lots of quilts.

The weather this morning is cold. When the temp is below zero, and one’s breath freezes on her scarf that is wrapped snuggly across her face with only her eyes showing–appearing to look like a multi-colored knitted mummy….well, it is just cold, okay? I was off to the barn to feed our horse. I was feeling mildly cold under my many layers, but it was a lot better than sweating. I hate to sweat. That is why I am not a huge fan of the heat and humidity of the summer months.

We got snow all day yesterday, and I see that we are to get more heavy snow on Sunday. This will call for a store run for “the essentials”, such as hot chocolate and chips and dip. Anyone can survive on that for days. I have many friends  that think I am nuts for loving Winter. I would much rather be cold than hot. That is just a fact, Jack. I can always bundle up and get warm, but I can only take so much off when I get hot in the summer, well….and not get arrested.

Everyone stay warm and have a wonderful first week of the new year!



Early Morning Blessings

The early morning sun shone briefly, before giving way to a steel gray sky. IMG_0187

The wind bit hard, even as I snuggled into my coat. The hood blew back and hair went wild in the wind. I strained to see through the strands blowing crazy.

Oh Autumn, you leave me chilled and chattering.

Faded hues of autumn, framed by gray skies.

Barren branches like gnarly fingers, scratching the sky.

The door, caught in the wind, slams shut. The sound echoes over the roar of the morning wind.

The smell of coffee, and the welcoming warmth from hands wrapped around the mug.

The light pools on the kitchen table as I type out life. What it means to live in this moment. To feel time, just exactly as it is in the now.

So many things to get done, before  true winter arrives. I am not quite ready. The thought crosses my mind, are any of us ever ready?

And yet, time slows as I gaze out my kitchen window. I notice some oranges and reds still clinging to trees across the field.

Fields left scraggly and broken, where summer’s corn once stood.

Those leaves fighting against the wind for their last moments of glory.

Even though there is much to do, and a million things on my list…I stop.

And I realize that I am happy.

I thank God for His blessings…because no matter how busy, or hectic the days may be

He has given me much, so much.

I bask in the warmth of His love.


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… Ecclesiates 3:1 NIV



Commercial Break From The Heat

Columbus is the fourth largest city in the Midwest

Image via Wikipedia


The Midwest has been under a record breaking heat wave. The heat index in my area has reached as high as 110 degrees this week. The news people are warning everyone to stay inside, turn on the a/c, and drink lots of water.

I felt like I should interrupt this miserable heat for a brief, and much needed, commercial break. On that note I bring you the cool, icy thoughts of winter. Snow falling. Ice forming. Freezing cold toes and nose. Snow men and sled rides, mittens and gray skies.

I think I can feel myself cooling down already. Some more ice for my tea, please?

This commercial is brought to you by January in Ohio.


The road to home…

Ice covered trees, so pretty.

Let  it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


And now a word from our sponsors.

Bark. Woof. Give us a treat….Puh-leeze?!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program. Think cool thoughts!

Flash Freeze

Hat & Mittens

Today’s high is supposed to be 22 degrees. Last night the wind chill temp. was at 0 to -8. That is a bit nippy. Unless one is used to living in Siberia…than maybe not so much. Still. Cold.

1. The snow looks pretty on the ground.

2. Snow doesn’t feel so pretty when it gets in one’s boots.

3. The wind is blowing.

4. Blowing hard.

5. There is no chance of having a hairstyle in this wind.

6. If I go anywhere I usually look like cousin It, by the time I get to where I’m going.

7. Cousin It was not known for his beauty.

8. I need to dig out my scarf collection.

9. Maybe I can start a new trend.

10. Wearing all the scarves I own AT ONCE.

11. I’m all about being toasty.

12. Maybe a little weird, but a warm weird.

13. I hear that this winter is to have extremely low temps.

14. So much to look forward too!

15. I actually like winter.

16. When I don’t have to be outside.

17. It’s all in one’s perspective.

18. Right?

19. Time for some hot coffee.

20. How come in the movies ,or on commercials, the girls always look so cute in their hats, scarves and mittens?

22. They never look windblown or disheveled.

23. Or have a red nose, or chapped hands.

24. So not fair.

25. Now where did I stash my scarves?

Time For A Commercial Break

I interrupt this oppressive summer heat with a commercial break…….

Ice Cream

Ice Cubes




Snow Storm

Air Conditioning

North Wind

A Marble Floor


Ice Pops



Goose Bumps






I hope this has helped to give you a little boost, when most of the country is under 100+ heat indexes. You may now return to your sticky, hot, uncomfortable day.

P.S.   Remember this, a mere 3 months from now will be October 24. It will be chilly and Fall-like. Ahhhhh……