Where God Will Take Him

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He had already been through so much before I even met him. This dark-haired teenager (who was already sporting a beard)  who loved teasing and joking around was to be my new student. This young man had heart surgery just hours after his entrance into this world. He had neurological, skeletal, cardiac and breathing issues. The doctors told his parents their son might never run and might only walk with an odd gait. They said he might talk in a way only those close to him would be able to understand. Over the three years I worked with him, he was in the hospital, had to have respiratory therapy, seen heart doctors, and struggled with academics.

It would be so easy for him to give up. He could have become angry at his lot in life… defiant due to his disabilities. But, that is not my friend, Keith’s, story. He is choosing how his life is going to play out. At twenty-six years old, he is an overcomer. He is not defeated, he is delivered. He has not given up, he has grabbed hold. He does not seek pity, he only wants to push himself.

Keith does not know a stranger. His social life is more exciting then most, and if you want to see him you need to make sure you get on his calendar. He is one busy young man! Keith is not afraid to ask people if they “know Jesus”. His heart might not be typical for one his age, but it is big. His heart is big because he loves people. His sweet innocent spirit is refreshing in what can sometimes be viewed, by most, to be a cynical and difficult world.

A couple of years ago, Keith got involved in adaptive climbing. He has conquered competitive climbing, winning in national competitions, and is now on his way to represent the USA in the World Paraclimbing Championship in Innsbruck, Austria in about a week and a half. I am praying for Keith as he travels from Ohio, USA, half way around the world to compete. I am proud of him.

God often times will expand our horizons beyond what we seek. A couple of years ago, Keith had no idea where God would take him. The same goes for each of us. No matter where you might find yourself right now, even if you are in a seemingly impossible spot, God can make a way when there seems to be no way. All things are possible with God.

This is one of my favorite verses, and a wonderful reminder for us all.

For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 ESV


Taking The Risk

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Opening the door.


Jumping with no safety net.


Saying good-bye when you really want to run back.


Stepping out and stepping up.

Knowing in your heart that change is difficult, that the unknown is scary, and that risking is both exhilarating and terrifying.

Being scared…

but, jumping anyway.

Because you never want to look  back and wonder, “what if?”

When I’m Covered In Slime

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I have been rereading the archives of, A Holy Experience. There are some writers, whose words beg for me to see with my spirit and not just with my eyes. The words fall across the screen (or the page)  and go straight to the heart. There they set. Words that  stay with me, as I am reminded of what is fresh…and what is real.

On March 11th of this year I read Ann Voskamp’s post on “What Happy Homemakers Know”.  Lest you think that this post was only about stay at home moms, consider this…”Saying Yes will mean a mess.”

After all, isn’t that life?

Life is a mess because people live there.

People are messy.

Thoughts and feelings, emotions and bonds. Relationships and regrets.

Tears and laughter. Joy and pain. All time highs, and unspeakable lows.

Saying Yes can make a mess.

And it usually does.

And not just with houses, but with hearts.

It is in my imperfection and mess that God is much more real to me, in my day to day living.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.

Psalm 40:2  NIV

I love this verse. It might seem like a strange verse to admit to loving….but, I do.

He lifted me out of a slimy pit. What a great word picture.

How many times have I tried, on my own, to scratch and claw my way out?  The walls of the day to day, slick with slime and unable to keep my grip,  I fall backwards into the pit. Frustrated. Aggravated. Irritated. I am covered in mess. My mess.

And yet…

He reaches down. Not He reached down, as in the past. He reaches down, as in the here and now. He continues to reach…because I continue to make messes.

He gives me a firm place to stand.

He, and He alone, is that rock.

It is His love that changes me. He takes my mistakes, which are many…  He creates in me, beauty, where beauty did not formerly exist.

Yes, Lord…I say yes to you. You are the only One whose grip is greater than the deepest pit.


Won’t you join us, as we discuss love?