Traveling The Back Roads Of This Country

“Try to be one of those on whom nothing is lost.”― Henry JamesThe Art of Fiction

This morning, I found Henry James’ quote in an article I was reading. His words struck me. I get what he is saying. I’ve written on numerous occasions how I observe things all around me, whether it is the diamond glitter trails of snowflakes, the warm rays of sun puddling on the kitchen floor, or the silky feel of fabric. My observing skills do not end with “things”. I am an avid people watcher, and also enjoy hearing people’s stories. It has been said, everyone has a story…and that is the truth.













My desire to “hit the road” grows each year. I want to road trip. Meet people. See things. Explore. Observe. Make memories. Hear stories. I want to write down my thoughts…and by so doing, make this big wide world seem just a little bit smaller. I want to meet the lady down the block, listen to the elderly vet in town, see the little girl working at the lemonade stand, know the guy who plays his guitar on the corner.

So, here is the deal. I am considering starting another blog. I will still keep this current blog because I love it. I love talking about my Lord, I cannot nor do I wish to ever separate my faith from my day to day life. My relationship with Jesus is part of me and it always will be, and blogging helps me share His love with you, my readers. With that said, I have this dream, desire, to write stories about people I meet. I truly believe it is a “God thing”. Sadly, I think that most of us go through our daily lives in such a rush that we miss out on getting to know each other. It seems like we don’t come together unless there is some sort of tragedy…then we hold a hand, hear a word, wipe a tear. Shouldn’t we touch others lives, share a smile, wave hello, stop and say, “Hi. It is good to see you. What’s up?”….and then wait to hear the answer. Sure it takes time, but isn’t life a series of moments? And don’t we really live when we are reaching out?













I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I am a huge fan of the late Charles Kuralt’s, On The Road. He was a news man that got out of the box and onto the backroads of this great country. For him, no topic was too small, no person too insignificant. Kuralt once said, “There are sights in this country and people in this country to banish any gloom you ever may feel and to fill you instead with wonder.” By noticing the ordinary and celebrating originality, he exalted us all. (On The Road with Charles Kuralt)

I want to take up the torch, and then blog about it. About you. About life. In the cities, in the small towns and all the places in between, because your stories matter…you are interesting. So, tell me your story and don’t leave anything out.




Once I figure out the setting up of a new blog, and get it underway, I will post the new blog site. If you are interested in hearing people’s stories, like I am, then you can join me as we travel the back roads of life, together.

Passion With Purpose

All the world's a stage

Image by Pedro Moura Pinheiro via Flickr

At Faith Barista we are jamming on this question:

What is a passion or interest you’d like to nurture and grow?


I decided to broach this topic by just typing. I didn’t want to over analyze it. I was anxious to see what I came up with….just free flowing thought. By doing this I might get a better overall picture of my passions and interests…the things that I need to concentrate on growing. The great thing about this blog topic? And in reading what each person has to say? These blog posts will show a beautiful collage of God‘s creativity. He made each of us unique…and knows us each intimately. His passion is to be glorified…and His interest is each of us.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.  Genesis 1:27 NIV

My first reaction to this blog topic question would be, teaching. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a deep seated passion to teach, help, assist the special needs population. I had already decided my college major as a 16 year old. I knew what I wanted to do. I made it my goal to prepare for this career in any way possible. You can read about that, here. I’ve spent the last couple of decades (plus some) working with this community. It is a part of who I am.

Another passion of mine is writing. This desire to write goes back even further then the previous one I have mentioned. As a young child I would write in my journals. I would fill the blank pages of my fabric covered book with poetry. I’d write stories, verses and thoughts in my school girl swirly penmanship. When I was still in elementary school I gathered information and “produced” a handwritten family newsletter, which I then distributed to my many relatives. I’ve been blogging for the past 5 years. I’ve found out how much I love the communication available through social media. I also long to, one day, finish a book that has been written and rewritten in my mind a million times. Books and reading are definitely a passion of mine…and if I could write a book of my own, it would be like icing on the cake.

I’ve enjoyed drama and performing for as long as I can remember. I started out life as a camera ham. My family would often tease that if a camera was anywhere in sight, I would pose and smile. I would play “Spy” with my cousin during family get togethers. He and I would covertly crawl behind couches, hide in closets with the door cracked so we could hear, and quietly sit under dining room tables. The goal was to retrieve any interesting conversation and report back to base. Some might say this was eavesdropping on the adults. My cousin and I considered this valuable information, and not getting caught behind “enemy lines” was exhilarating.  Yep, I was an 8 year old spy. As a teen I was in drama and skits at church, and lyric theatre in college. Everything from speeches to monologues, plays, skits and musicals…I love being on stage and drawing the audience into the performance. It is fun!

Lastly, I have to say that I very much enjoy decorating. God has given me an appreciation for aesthetics. Colors, textures, and light make me happy.  I delight in pouring over design and decorating books. I revel in repurposed objects. I could spend an entire day in a junk store, or roaming the aisles of a flea market. My mind is always going…what can I use that for? Painting is fun, and rearranging furniture is a perk. Even though I would not consider myself a great photographer, there is something wonderful about getting just the right light around the clouds, seeing  afternoon sun against the side of a bright red barn, or catching the smile of a child. Pictures tell stories and I love to “read” them.

Finally, there is traveling. I have a large collection of travel books. Most people who know me realize that I have “a thing” for the late Charles Kuralt. To me, he had the best job in the world….winding around the back roads of America. Talking with people, listening to their stories. I would have loved to meet him and ask him if he enjoyed finding out what was “up around the bend”. I don’t need to jet set around the world. As a matter of fact, in my opinion, flying isn’t the best way to travel. True, it gets one to the destination faster and being up above the clouds is awe inspiring but, it isn’t conducive to visiting. Give me back country roads, driving with no “apparent destination”, mom and pop shops, home made ice cream, and a cold sweet tea. Let me hear and see history through the stories of those that have been there. Now that, my friend, is my idea of a good time.







These are my passions. My interests. They are what make me, me.

Like the saying goes……  “These are God’s gifts to me, what I do with them is my gift to God.”


What are your passions and interests?

Everyone Has A Story…

Charles Kuralt, Host from 1979–1994

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My husband gave me the DVD set of the late Charles Kuralt, On The Road series. The series used to air on CBS Sunday. Mr. Kuralt and crew were in an RV, traversing the highways and bi-ways of America. He met people in the big cities and small towns of this country. His key phrase had him wondering what was “up around the bend”. Even though I was a child for most of his years on TV, and don’t really remember watching the series, I am intrigued by his travels, now, as an adult.

One day, I hope to “hit the road” for an extended period of time. Meet people. Write their stories. I long to see America in a way that isn’t shown on the nightly news. There is something to be said for taking time to go down the road less traveled, to sit and listen to stories that  might otherwise never be heard.

I think that is why I love blogging so much…and reading other people’s blogs. I get to meet people in a sense…get to know them. Just like a book can take me to a place I’ve never been…my blog friends show me their lives in parts of the country that I’ve never had opportunity to visit. Yet.