Calico Love

She landed on top of me at exactly 6:17 this morning. Thump. So much for sleeping in this Saturday morning. It won’t happen for me, since I have a calico that is in love with me. One that wants to knead her claws on my stomach and then crawl up me until we’re nose to nose. Then she bats me with her paw. Did I mention it is 6:17, or by this time, maybe 6:20ish in the morning?

She follows (stalks) me into the bathroom. She rubs up against my bare legs and meows. She never takes her eyes off of me. I am a little unsettled. She flops over at my feet, asking for a belly rub. I bend over and pet her before washing my face and brushing my teeth. She seems satisfied……for now.

Calico love runs deep….maybe even bordering on the psychotic. Just saying.

Good Saturday morning! 
















You Do The Crime, You Do The Time


Calico cat (Felis silvestris catus)This is a post from a few years ago…… I reread it and laughed all over again. I hope you will laugh too. After all laughter is good for you!


My intention was to finish my story from yesterday….but, that will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m too wound up to type something serious this morning.

Some days are better than others. Just sayin’.

1. The indoor pets needed their flea treatments. The weather is getting warmer and fleas and ticks are already becoming an issue.

2. My husband was gone to a meeting in the evening. I was left to my own device.

3. My son helped with giving the dog a flea treatment. The dog behaved himself at the time….but, then proceeded to roll around in the grass afterward —during his evening walk. Sigh. I hope any nasty little blood sucking varmints that happened to be in said grass, were repelled. Sigh again.

4. I commissioned my daughter to help with the two indoor cats. I had been noticing a little scratching going on (with the cats, not her) and decided we needed to treat them now, while the getting is good.

5. The cats were okay during the treatment, that takes all of 60 seconds. Joe (the senior citizen cat) took it like a champ. No problemo. Nikki, my calico, stalker kitty….not so much.

6. She sulked in my closet all evening. I tried to get her to come out, but she just turned her head and continued to lay on my shoes. It was a major snub.

7. FINE! Lay in there and  I hope you don’t roll over and poke yourself with a high heel!!!! Hmmppfff.

8. Well, Nikki finally emerged, but if ever a cat was ticked off….it was her. Cross my heart and hope to die, if she could speak…she would have cursed me. I’m sure of it.

9. She skulked around.

10. Bedtime came. She usually lays at the foot of the bed…..after she gets pet and loved on.

11. Last night she decided to show her ire, by PEEING on the bed. Right up near me. As a matter of fact she peed all over my new Country Living magazine that I was just settling down to read….and a book….and on the quilt, which soaked through to the blanket underneath.

12. At the moment I did not see what was going on…..but, my husband did and grabbed her by the scruff of her neck. He carried her out to the laundry room–where she was banished for the rest of the night.

13. While that was going on, I had to strip the bed linens and wash them in hot, soapy water….at 11pm at night. I was not a happy camper. In my mind I was thinking up horrible sayings….things like…. “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”  Yeah.

14. Nikki was crying in the laundry room and I was yelling back, “Suck it up sister. You pee you pay!” (along with maniacal, sleep deprived laughter)

15. She got out of detention this morning….none worse for the wear.

16. The bedroom is OFF limits to her today. She is NOT pleased.

17. Hey, that’s the price ya gotta pay, girlie. You do the crime, you do the time.

18. My bed is now fresh and clean.

19. I am in a much better mood.

20 And Nikki is sulking behind the file cabinet in the school room.

AND THAT IS MY LIFE…..end of story.

A Chapter Out Of My Life

A John Deere lawn mower in a Finnish garden.

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It’s Saturday.

I took Lonnie dog for a walk,

He and Ace, the outside dog, got into it. Fur flying. Over nothing. Both males. Go figure.

I was having none of it. They both got that I was mad at them. Bad boys. Go sulk.

They are fine. Like 2 year olds.

My husband is mowing the yard on the one non rainy day we’ve had in forever.

I was outside picking debris out of the yard. Amazing what what can find after having winds in excess of 60mph this past week. Just sayin’.

The outside cat, Salem, wanted me to pet her. I did. She is not declawed.

She got her claws caught on my clothing. She panicked. I panicked…because she had her claws on me.

She hissed. I yelled, “stop it”. She didn’t.


We finally got disentangled. Two girls screaming in the front yard. But only one of us with claws. Not fair.

She went and laid down on the porch. Away from me.

I was thinking I should go inside, when my husband went zipping by on the lawnmower.

He is The Grass Geru. Lord of the Lawn. Mower Master. Okay….I digress.

Anyway, the tire of the lawnmower caught a rock and it shot up and hit our outdoor flood light. Well, it pretty much exploded.

Where I was standing.

Glass flew everywhere.

For the love of pete! At least it hit the light and not me.

I again resumed picking up debris. This time it was glass.

All the exploding excitement got the dogs to barking. Again.

That’s it.

I went inside. It’s dangerous out there!

Cat Puke

Isn’t that a lovely title for today’s blog entry? I thought you’d like it. I could have been more sophisticated and said, “feline vomit” but, I figured you appreciate my down to earth grittiness and flair for words. So, I went with puke.

The reason I have puke on the mind is…well…I almost stepped in it. More than once. Because I don’t feel like cleaning it up. Even though I eventually will. It’s just gross right now. I found IT this morning. When it was still kind of dark outside. Opening the laundry room door to go for my morning walk. There was my good morning present from one of the outdoor cats. I’m such a lucky gal. I almost had it all over my tennis shoe, and I would have, if it hadn’t been for my athletic agility and extraordinary balance. (and for those of you who know me–that is a big, fat, honkin’ lie) In reality I did miss it, but it was just dumb luck. I didn’t realize what it was in the half dark. I thought it was a dead something one of the cats had dragged home. (literally) Upon further, totally gross, inspection I realized that it looked a lot like half digested Meow Mix. Hmmm…..go figure.

Upon even further inspection I noticed two more places that the cat(s) heaved. Evidently, they feel their delicate taste buds are too special to eat Meow Mix. Yet, they’ll eat a field mouse. I don’t get it. That along with today’s discovery and the nasty bird poo from the baby birds we have nesting on our porch deck and wa la you’ve got a veritable mind field to trek through. I quietly closed the door and went for my morning walk with my friend….leaving all thoughts of my nasty deck behind me. As I was mulling over the morning conversation I had with my walking buddy and pondering our solutions for world peace, or at least how to have our own peace with teenagers in our homes….I almost stepped in it again. I wasn’t paying attention. My lofty ideas were cut short, by the problem at hand. Or problems at foot…Whatever.

I shot the two cats a nasty look. They didn’t even flinch.  They just laid there. On the deck chairs. Not really caring about the remains of last nights dinner at my feet. Arrggh!

I still haven’t cleaned it. I will. I guess.

I graduated from college with a degree. I’ve traveled. Seen interesting things. Spoken with fascinating people. I can intelligently converse on educational law….and yet, here I am. Me and the cat puke. It just puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it?