Summertime Memories


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Summertime Memories

Front porches, tree lined streets,

hometown parades, ice cream treats.

Lightning bugs, stars at night,

running barefoot, tea on ice.

Shucking corn, bumblebees

curtains blowing in the breeze.

Lemonade, country roads,

windows down, lawns need mowed.

Just washed linens smell like sun,

staying up late, having fun.

Coke in a bottle, feet in the sand,

old friendships, lots of plans.

Dawn Gibson 2011



Jesus Fingerprints On Me


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I love my kitchen. Handcrafted cherry cabinets…beautiful work done by some Amish friends. Granite counter tops. Big picture window to frame the country views outside. I only had to wait 41 years to get it. Perfect. Just perfect.

I sat down at the island counter this morning, like I do every other morning of the year. Everything seemed in order. The early morning sunshine streamed through the window.

Fingerprints on the stainless steel.

Smears and smudges on the counter top.

Pet fur accumulated around the baseboard.

What I thought was beautiful, has imperfections. Many.

Life leaves a residual mess.

It’s easier to see each smudge when the sun shines on it…

It makes me think about THE SON.

How often do I believe I have it all together?

And yet…

God humbles me. He lovingly shows me my imperfections when He allows His Son to shine on them.

His Son is perfect, and the Heavenly Father wants me to be more like Him.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!  2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

Slowly, the cleaning process begins.

The grime, dirt, and smudges of me.

The things that hold me back or keep me down.

The pieces of my life that are stained with imperfection.

Sometimes the clean up seems easy, on other days the scrubbing hurts.

It’s a work in progress and I am forever grateful that Jesus is patient…and persistent.

The only fingerprints I want others to see, are those of Jesus, on me.

Vintage Vavoom

Cover of "Vintage Vavoom: Romantic Decora...

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I am in the middle of reading a great book called, Vintage Vavoom. It is a book that instructs the reader how to take second hand finds and use them in unique ways. I love the creativity in this book. I’m attempting to get some inspiration from my reading today…I could also use your help.

I have a large, old, brown picture frame that I acquired some time ago….not really even sure how long I’ve had it. I’m wanting to repurpose it. I know that I will paint it. White? Robin’s egg, blue? Mint green? I could make it into a fabric covered memo board, or bulletin board. Or I could use chalkboard paint and use the frame around that…I could take a piece of mirror I have and put this new frame around it, for a country-look.

Any other suggestions? I’m opened to others creative ideas.

I also have years of my grandmother’s tea towel calendars. You know the ones I mean? They are fabric calendars that have different motifs and colors. I have some from the 1960’s up through 1990’s. Some are in better condition than others. I love the vintage look and feel of them. I’m thinking maybe some decorative pillows? Frame them as graphic wall art? I really don’t want to use them as tea towels any longer, as I am trying to preserve them.

What do you think?

Down Home Blessings

Picking Strawberries Again

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Wow. It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon and I am just getting around to blogging today. I’ve been busy…Mondays are always crazy.

I have my good days and bad days just like every other human being on the face of the Earth. And yet, I have so much good in my life…I am one of the blessed. Sometimes I forget that. In the grind of the every day, it is easy to overlook the best parts. The timeless, the priceless, the small moments. It occurred to me today that, hey, it’s summertime in the country!!! There is a lot to be thankful for……and you know what? There always is.

*My Country Living magazine came in the mail

*The breezy day blowing the curtains away from the windows

*Purple toenail polish

*Sweet Tea

*A new Daytimer/Organizer

*Favorite Dinner

*Kids that are healthy and happy (most of the time)

*Hearing my husband’s voice on the phone

*Traveling safety

*Family ties



*Small town yard sale days

*For the friendly man in the truck that waved back at me

*Ice cream cones

*My son chatting with me online

*Hearing “I love you”

*The smell of lavender plants

*The air before a storm

*Running bare foot

*Sticky watermelon and juicy berries

*Waving flags

*Parades and fireworks

*Pick up trucks

*Riding with the windows down

*Hair blowing in the wind

*Country roads

*Walks in the evening

*Playing with the dogs



*Crisp Sheets

*And sleepy nights.

Yeah. It’s good. Really good.

Saturday Sales!

My daughter and I set out on an adventure this morning in Mount Victory, Ohio. The village was having their community yard sale day.

I love to yard sale, tag sale, estate sale, junk shop….if it involves finding objects that “tell a story”, I am your girl! I love to repurpose or reuse.  My daughter and I wore our tennis shoes and hit the ground running. There were a lot of people out and about on this sunny, breezy Saturday in June. We also had the pleasure of watching hundreds of cyclists moving through Mount Victory during GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure).

Not only was Mount Victory covered in yard sales, there are also many antique and odds and ends shops in Mount Victory. Everyone was in on the fun!

We saw some friends from church, met some store owners, and chatted with residents.

I had $45 to spend, money I had saved from a small job I had done…so, I was off to see what I could find within my budget.

Check out what I found…and by the way, I’m saving up for round two!


Please ignore the stack of magazines on the floor (I’m in the process of sorting those). I bought the chippy, shabby chic, green shelf for $12. It is the perfect size.


Yes, I love chippy furniture. Not dilapidated, but worn. If this shelf could talk, what would it tell me?

Vintage table runner…lots of embroidery. For 10 cents!


Wooden box with handle. No nails used in this box, only wooden dowels. It is very sturdy.

A friend was selling old geography books, circa 1902. I snatched those up for 10 cents a piece. They are nice pieces for my antique book collection.

Inside of book. I found an old test in the book…the student had been studying countries and their capitals.

Yes, these are old bowling pins. They are solid wood and obviously well used. Hunks of wood out of them!  I have good memories of bowling, and I  thought they’d make interesting conversation pieces. Plus if there is ever an intruder I could knock him in the head with one of these and he’d be out cold. They are heavy!!!

Vintage game board. I liked the color. Also just a few cents:)

These dominoes are old. Wooden. The paint is coming off in spots. The Statue of Liberty is on the back of each one. I wonder who played with these?

My daughter found this is one of the shops.  We came home and researched it. It is a medallion given to an Odd Fellow. The Odd Fellows are an international fraternity that has been in North America since the early 1800’s. I’m not sure, but I think they might be similar to the Free Masons. We are using this medallion as a curtain tie back. Also another great conversation piece.

Now, this is not a typical candle holder. The base of the candle holder is made out of concrete. It is very heavy. I liked it because it was pretty, yet industrial…sort of.

Being a former public school teacher, I have a thing for old class pictures. This one is from the turn of the last century.

No, this is not a broken, warped fork. The owner of one of the stores told us the story…. some people had been doing some excavating work in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and came across several of these types of forks. Come to find out,  ladies had these type of forks made so that they could spear pickles and olives without getting messy. A crafter had copied those found forks, and made these. Now I have a very interesting fork to spear my pickles with. I can pretend I’m a Victorian woman when I use this. My husband thinks this looks dangerous… does sort of resemble a mini bayonet.

Vintage table cloths and table runners. 10 cents/ea.

Last, but not least…a beautiful floral print apron with a sheer overlay. I could so be a 1950’s house wife if I could wear cute little aprons like this. Oh, okay….maybe not, but it was a thought. A fleeting thought, but a thought nonetheless.  It’s still really cute.



Things That Make You Go Hmm….

It’s another rainy and gray Tuesday. It seems as if this is the way the entire Spring will be. On that note I’ve decided to go through my pictures, and pull out the ones that make me giggle, amuse me, or are just plain silly. It always feels good to laugh, doesn’t it?

So, I walked in the bedroom yesterday and this is what I saw.  I told my husband that we now have “his and hers” foot warmers.

The other day I looked out my kitchen window…and this is what I saw.  I guess Fed Ex and UPS have to meet on back country roads to talk to each other. They just want us to THINK that they are bitter, package delivering, rivals. Now the truth is out!

Joe is our senior dog. In dog years he is like, eighty-five. He has arthritis and takes glucosamine & chondroitin daily. He still knows how to be silly and have a good time.

This picture of  me, always makes me laugh. I call this my Nanook  of the North picture. We were in the process of building our house, it was the dead of winter, and I wore that hat everywhere. No kidding. I looked like a citizen of Siberia, Russia. The shades were because of snow glare, not because I was trying to be “Hollywood“. Just sayin’.

This is a neighbor of ours. He was out for his morning jog.

All Thanks, Big and Small

the cloud and the rays of light

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Here I sit at my kitchen counter…on yet another Monday morning. A morning that is gray and rainy…again. It seems like the rain is here to stay this Spring. Even though the day outside is wet and drizzly, I have so much for which to be thankful. The light of yesterday breaks through the gray of today. Light shining into this world…light that changed the world forever.

Mondays are always a rough day for me, and yet these days are part of Multitudes On Mondays. A reminder to me and to everyone, that there is always much to be thankful for…in all things big and small. Life truly is a gift.

* Safe travel for my sons as they traveled with friends.

* Time spent with my daughter.

* Discovering that old is new again

* Laughing together

* Quietly working in the kitchen

* Family

* Knowing the TRUTH

* Chocolate peanut butter icecream

* Love

* Conversations with sons

* Helpful daughter

* A husband who is there for me

* Time to just breathe

* Groceries in the pantry

* Cold tea

* Beautiful clouds

* Rain

* An old, rugged cross

* Blood covered

* “It is finished”

* An empty tomb

* A Savior lives


* A promise that He will come again as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Amen and Hallelujah!

The Road That Leads Home


Home Driveway


I live down a country road.

There is not much traffic on the road. It is fairly quiet, most of the time.

After a short jaunt, or a long trip, it is always nice to see the road that leads to home.

Knowing I’m almost there…


This day I am reminded of another road that leads home.

But our citizenship is in heaven. And we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 3:20 NIV

I am just a pilgrim on a journey.

On the road.

On my way home.





Basements Shouldn’t Be Swimming Pools!

rain down on window

Image by pennacook via Flickr

This morning I got up and went about my regular Saturday morning routine. I noticed, while in the kitchen, that the water pressure seemed sort of weak. I told my husband. He went down to the basement to check the pump.


He found out that our basement had nearly six feet of water in it! Good grief.

It continues to rain. And the entire area is under a flood warning. The ground is saturated.

So is our basement.

What a mess.


I decided that I could worry and be upset about this whole occurrence…

It certainly would be easy to get angry…

But….I’ve been disciplining myself over the past several weeks.

Daily eucharisteo.

Giving thanks.

Is today’s mess frustrating? Yes.

A pain in the neck? Definitely.

It could have been worse.  But, it wasn’t.

Thanks on the good days. Thanks on the not as good days.

Each day there are things to be thankful for.

Cold Beauty

Snow Globe

Image by David Hepworth via Flickr

Yes. This winter seems unending. It has been cold and chaotic since the first snow fell on December 1.

And yet…as I stand at my kitchen window, I am amazed at the beauty of it all.

I quietly sigh. I stare upward.

White gray.

Snow blowing every which way. A blur of flakes.

Each one different. Unusual.

The scene before me resembles a snow globe that has been shook hard.

A flake frenzy.

Cold beauty.

Dogs with snowy fur.

Schools closed.

Gray sky filled with flakes.

The roar of wind.

I feel the need to snap a picture. To remember.

To pull out on the hot, sticky days of late July.

A cool memory to ease the pain of the heat.

Lord, I am thankful for this day you have given me.

And for the eyes wide open…to see your gift to me.