Carving Out Some Time

To all my faithful blog readers…..

The past couple of weeks I have been so busy. As the days go on, I’ve often times thought, “I need to blog about this or that.” By the time I actually can sit down at my computer, I’m so tired I can hardly put my thoughts together. I guess we all go through seasons of life that seem busier than others.

Please stick with me. I will be back. I’m going to make a concentrated effort this week to carve out some blog time. I’ve got a lot to tell you!

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11


Thank you, thank you very much!

Hey people! Look what I won today. I actually won something. It is a miracle. Let us all have a moment of silence……

Lisa, my blogging friend extraordinaire, gave me the award…because she is extremely cool like that. You need to check her out at Gathering  The Nuts.

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7  Interesting Things About Me You Might Not Have Known:

1. I have actually gotten out of bed after getting all warm and snuggled in, just to go check that I’ve turned everything off in the kitchen. Even though I know I did. I think I am a little bit OCD, but I better go and check.

2. Sheep and goats kind of scare me. It freaks me out that their eyes are so far apart. They make me a little nervous. They look shifty to me.

3. I dental floss every night. (smug smile)

4. In the winter months, I get feet that resemble elephant hide. They are not pretty, nor are they soft. I kinda envy the girls with pretty feet. Is that wrong of me? Maybe this is why I have such a sock addiction?

5. I want to write a book some day. You can say you knew me when…. and I will gladly autograph a book for you.

6. I’ve never liked to chew gum. I can’t stand when people chew gum sounding like a cow that just pulled it’s foot out of the mud. It takes great self control on my part not to yell, “Hey you! Yeah, you. For the love of pete! Swallow the gum already.”

7. I have a fantasy that one day I will wake up and be a beautiful, slender, wrinkle free, energetic wife and mother.  Then I get up and look in the mirror.

I’m starting out with ten of my favorite bloggers. They are awesome. Informative. Funny. Inspirational.

1. Kim Pugliano

2. Tom Baker

3. Kelly Hay

4. Bonnie Gray

5. Sandy Morris

6. Zach

7. Missy Olivo

8. Kittie

9. Eddie Brock

10. Ree Drummond

Who Let The Dogs Out???

BC_eye.jpg, Border Collie exhibiting "Col...

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The dogs escaped…

1. Elvis has left the building

2. Or Ace and Junior have left the yard.

3. Stinkin’ dogs!

4. Evidently, their batteries have run out on their collars.

5. We have one of those invisible fences.

6. It works great…when it’s working.

7. Which is obviously not the case this morning.

8. Ace and Junior are romping around like convicts set free.

9. Ace was down on the road.

10. Barking at my neighbor’s llamas.

11. It was the herding instinct in him.

12. Him being a collie and all.

13. The llamas did not appreciate him.

14. Junior is old and has arthritis.

15. He couldn’t have gotten very far on his escape.

16. Not that he’d want to escape.

17. This is the same dog that licks the family kitten.

18. He is not a hardened canine.

19. After being yelled at, they are back near the deck where they belong.

20. Goober heads.


The World Really Is A Small Place

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I was “freshly pressed” on  this past Thursday. Being freshly pressed  is kind of like being their “blogger of the day”. It was a lot of fun, because it was totally unexpected. I had no idea until I started seeing hundreds of people reading my blog. What??? I have a decent following but, nothing like this…..what is going on? I figured it out and was pleasantly surprised. By the end of the day I had thousands of people that had looked at my blog. Wow.

I had such fun reading the comments from everyone. I “met” a woman who is traveling the world with her nine year old son. I laughed with a woman who said that mice freak her out. I cried after reading one man’s comment about needing a smile. His wife has cancer and they are in the middle of building a house in his wife’s homeland of Slovakia. I giggled when reading the comment from one husband who said his wife would agree with me about grocery bills…but, he likes to eat! I found a lot of moms that are similar to me, that get my sense of humor…and if we lived closer (and not all over the U.S.A) I bet we would be friends. Out of thousands of people that read my blog, I only had one odd comment…from a man who was on a rant about women. He sounded like he had issues that had nothing to do with me or my blog. Oh well.

All these people that commented, reminded me that this world we live in, isn’t really all that big after all. We might live far apart, but we still have so much in common. Some people are scared to use the internet because of “what is out there”…..and yes, I know there are some scary things online. But there are also a lot of funny, friendly, silly, serious, thought provoking, deep, and interesting people online. And I got to meet some of them! I hope that having been freshly pressed leads to more readers for my blog. People I can share some of my day with… along with that, I also love to meet people and hear their stories. So, it’s all good.

Now, why don’t you pull up a stool, sit at my kitchen counter, and I’ll get you a cup of coffee. Let’s talk…

My Blog Followers

This Is Not Happening

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I know I haven’t been able to blog for the past several days. Life happens….and wow, with all this life happening I am getting behind! Just wanted to let you know that I will be back to blog—probably on Friday. (When I will be able to actually take a deep breath and not have to run around at 100 m.p.h with my hair on fire.) I’ve good stuff to blog about!!!!