Love And Marriage

Typical game contents and scoring example.

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Our love intertwined in the moments of the every day……

“Are you coming to sit with me?”

I will in just a minute.

“Do you want to play Boggle?”

Okay…but, you almost always win.

“No, I don’t.”

Yes, you do.

“Okay, so I do.”

“Thank you for making lunch.”

You’re welcome.

“Do you want to ride into town with me? I need to get something at Lowe’s.”

Sure, can we get a coffee while we’re out?

“I drink coffee. You drink creamer and mocha with a splash of coffee for flavor.”

Do not.

“Do too.”

I like mocha.



How cool is that?


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Life On The Road

Tim Hortons in Ottawa, ON, Canada

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I won the alphabet game!! Woo hoo! It’s the small things in life that matter…especially when stuck bonding with family on a 9 hour road trip. Usually, my husband wins the alphabet game on family trips. He said he was busy driving and couldn’t fully concentrate. Excuses. Excuses. I take my wins however I can get them.

We played Crack The Code (a mystery card game), and Twenty Questions which my husband also almost always wins.  My husband and I listened to talk radio, and the kids played on their PSP‘s, and computer.  We listened to our oldest son recite poetry. All in all no one pulled their hair out it was a good trip. Family togetherness. Because between the luggage, Christmas presents, and junk we were crammed in like sardines

I am not a fan of toll roads. A family is pretty much stuck in the matter of where to eat dinner on the road. If one gets off the toll road, one pays. Or if one gets off accidentally, thinking it’s a rest area, one pays. Not that, that happened to us. Arrgh.

We ended up eating at Tim Horton’s. I love Tim Hortons for coffee and hot chocolate, but the food is highway robbery expensive. That’s true of most eating establishments these days.

We survived had a good trip.  Enjoying today. Visiting family. Relaxing. Life is good.




Autumn Bliss

Farm at night

The nights bring a chill to the air

The sounds of football and marching bands become Friday night staples

I walk on crunchy, colored leaves

The candle light in the windows flickers in the evening dusk

A hot cup of coffee

A steaming mug of hot chocolate

Big, orange pumpkins for sale, by the side of the road

The honking of geese in the distance

Farmers harvesting their crops well into the night

Combine headlights looking like alien UFO’s in the fields.

Sweaters pulled out of storage

Snuggling under soft blankets

The world is having one last fashion show of color

Before it settles into it’s winter rest