Take Me Home, Country Road…


































On days when the wind is howling, and the gray sky is hanging low, my mind drifts…

to long afternoon drives to nowhere in particular.

I think about the back roads and places to explore.

I like the barns, that dot the hill sides, in this place that I now live…

some old and gray from age, others with a fresh coat of paint.

Driving. Snapping pictures.

Winding through the fields, taking time to just enjoy…

thoughts of Spring.


Take time to enjoy your day, my friends.


The Barns Of NorthWest Ohio

Sun bleached.

Rain beaten.

Utilitarian buildings

that are beacons

to the farming way of life.

Barns standing

over the years

as a reminder of those

that work the land

and raise the animals.

Strong. Sturdy. Dependable.

Though my family does not farm, we are surrounded by those who do.

I am thankful for them.

Each day, I am reminded more and more of God’s grace.

Wonderful. Amazing. Grace.

I have much to be thankful for…we all do.

I continue with my list of thanks, my eucharisteo, to the One who gives the moments. Each one a gift.

#350 laughter

#351 time spent with the ones I love

#352 contentment

#353 family

#354 deep conversations

#355 warm chocolate chip cookies

#356 non-busy Friday night

#357 Saturday afternoon

#358 my son cleaning the kitchen for me

#359 soft cats

#360 bedtime

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