Wide Open Spaces

Five Minute Friday: Crowd

This is the day that we type for 5 minutes about the topic we are given, via LisaJo. I’m setting the timer….ready, set, go!


For the most part, I am not really a big crowd type of person.

I don’t mind it once in a while, but it is not where I live.

I enjoy the wide open spaces that a crowd just can’t provide.

To me, wide open space brings peace.

Having neighbors is great, just not too close.

I love living in “God’s Country” away from the crowds and noise.











I love this cow that wanted her photo taken.

I love this cow that wanted her photo taken.

























Being Willing

Come write brave with me today – the Five Minute Friday prompt today is WILLING.


What am I willing to do? How far am I willing to go? Am I willing to let God lead?

I tell the Lord that I’m willing to go where He calls, will help where ever I’m needed.

But, let me be honest….

Do I always mean it? Or do those words just sound good? How many times do I say “yes” to God, but turn around and live the “maybe”?

Maybe if it works out in my favor. Maybe if I have the time. Maybe if I’m helping someone that I agree with. Maybe if I’m not too tired.

Maybe can strangle the willingness.

God doesn’t call me to maybe love Him…or maybe serve Him. There is no maybe in His vocabulary. I stand humbled before He, who never said maybe…all the way to Calvary.

“Father forgive me when I wander from being willing. When the road is rough and rocky, and in my weakness I want to bail. Help me in the murkiness of my maybe.”

I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.  Romans 7:15  NIV  (How often do I feel like Paul?)



Write It Out

Five Minute Friday

Today’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: WRITE.


I love to write. I’ve been a writer since I was a young child. Letters, and poetry and journaling. Lots of journals. Tons of journals. I even made my own family newsletter and distributed it to all my aunts, uncles, and grandparent. My grandmother kept the copies of the newsletter, I had opportunity as an adult to go back and read those first “masterpieces” and I have to smile.

Eight years ago, I started blogging. It was a match made in heaven. I really love it. I have had opportunity to meet people from all over the world. People I would otherwise never get to know, if it weren’t for the writing.


A chance to touch others, through words.

Fingers flying over keys. Ideas pouring out.

Jumble and sort and making sense of it all.

Reaching out and hoping that others “get” what I’m trying to say.

Jumping in.


Sometimes God speaks to us through the words of others. That is what happened to me this morning. 102_4847

I had just finished breakfast and pulled my laptop onto the kitchen table. I surfed on over to Lisa-Jo’s blog to see what the 5 minute Friday prompt was going to be for today.

The prompt is mercy. No. Not, that. The very emotions that I have been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, spilled out…all over the kitchen table. I do not want to discuss mercy! For a moment I considered skipping today’s 5 minutes.

Lisa-Jo had a guest writer for today. Her name is Alia, and these are her words that cut through me, exposing my inner thoughts.

“Mercy seemed weak somehow. It seemed to bypass judgement and somehow pardon things I thought needed a season of harvest. Harvesting from poor choices or sin. Harvesting with consequences and lessons learned. After all, you reap what’s been thrown to the wind without caution.” –Alia

That is so me. Sigh. I can be merciful when I want to be, but oh how I want consequences when I see the poor judgement of others. It only seems fair, right?

And my heart hardens against mercy.

I am so very thankful that God is just, but also merciful. That He extends mercy to me, even when it is so undeserved.

I’m working on mercy and forgiveness. I’ll be honest, it has been and continues to be a struggle for me.

I continue on…and God continues in His love for me.

He skillfully works on me, shaping me into the image of His Son.

Sometimes the work hurts.


Luke 6:36 Be you therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.