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Take A Seat At The Table

10 Nov


This is the question my husband and I are passionate about….. “How do we, the Gen X’ers, and the Boomers reach the younger generation?” The Millennials are roughly between the ages of 14 and 34 years. This generation has known the benefits and the pit falls of technology for most of their lives, they tend to be more cynical about formal “institutions”, they long for real and lasting relationships beyond social media, and they need to know they can truly trust someone before they will believe a word that is said. This group is the future, and yet so many of them do not appear interested in “going to church”. Even those that have grown up in the church community are leaving. Church, the way it has been traditionally done, is no longer a valid option.

My family and I have had long and hard discussions about the “old church” and the “new church” and what makes individuals want to join the community? And if the Millennials are leaving…where will we, as a church body, be a decade from now? There are some tough, even painful, questions to ask ourselves. Quite frankly, if current church members aren’t willing to take a seat at the table and talk, and even make some real changes…..well then, we are already dead in the water.

Do not misunderstand. I am not talking about changing the message. The message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, never needs to be changed. It is just as awe inspiring, and life changing as it was the first time that Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” (John 10:10) or “For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” ( John 3:16 NET Bible)

But, I do believe that the way we, as church members, deliver that message, most definitely can change….and should. We do not need to stay stuck in traditions that aren’t even scriptural. “We’ve always done it this way” is nothing but a hollow excuse. Is it worth it to cling to old traditions and in essence then slam the door on the faces of those who desperately need to know that they are loved, by the God who gave His own son to take their place? No. My answer is definitely, no.

I am willing to change. I am willing to do whatever it takes. These young people matter to me that much.

Thank You For Your Patience

5 Nov

Dear Readers,

Life has been busy. Some days are much busier than others. I realize we all have 24 hours in a day and often times those hours can seem stretched thin. I’ve been mulling over a lot of different blog post topics, but can’t seem to carve out the moments to actually write. Frustrating!

Thank you for your patience. I promise to write soon. Don’t give up on me.


We Must Remember

11 Sep

Yesterday I watched a video filmed at George Washington University. These university students were asked what national anniversary was coming up this week. The majority of the students had no idea. Mind you, many of these young adults were in elementary school when terrorists took down the World Trade Center towers. Their ages were in the single digits when the heroes of the flight over Pennsylvania yelled, “Let’s Roll!”, before they took back the plane from the people that meant it for destruction. These students were learning how to read and compute basic math problems, when a plane turned the Pentagon into a blazing inferno.

It saddened me to see the students fumbling for words, scrambling for something to say. Completely unaware. They are now, like we all were before September 11, 2001. Blissfully ignorant. That Tuesday morning was a calm and beautiful, blue sky day. We naively went about our normal routine, never knowing that our world was about to change forever.

We live in a world where terrorism now makes the nightly news. Buildings blown up, embassies burned to the ground, people murdered, american journalists beheaded, Christians martyred because they refuse to convert, new threats of ISIS members crossing over our southern border, literally hell bent on our destruction.

If we don’t remember the terror we felt on that day thirteen years ago….we are doomed to repeat the scene. We cannot afford to be complacent. We need to remain vigilant. Our lives depend on it.


A blog post from my archives.

I remember that day as if it just happened……..


September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...



A Different World

11 Sep

The day was normal. Just like any other. Elementary school children chattering with each other. My teaching assistant and I were working with our reading groups on that Tuesday morning. A sunny day, nothing out of the ordinary…and then a fellow teacher popped into my classroom to tell me to go and watch the TVin the school conference room. I excused myself, leaving my kiddos with my assistant for a minute.

I stared at the television, not comprehending what I was looking at. The plane, the World Trade Center, the fire and smoke. People everywhere. The second plane hitting the building. News anchors eerily silent as, even they, had no words for what they were seeing. Chills ran across me as I stared in disbelief.

I numbly walked back to my classroom. Knowing that life was different now.

I told my assistant to go to the conference room.

I looked at the faces of all my young students and realized that life as we knew it would never be the same. These children would grow up in a different world than I had.

And it made me so sad.

September 11, 2001


Choices Made

21 Aug

The day is gray and overcast, there is the slightest glow from sun that is hidden. I am pushing the vacuum cleaner across the rug, fluffing sofa pillows, sweeping the floor. Daily chores, things that I do every day. I think about my choices as I go about the mundane tasks of the morning. Choices I have made, this life I now live.  I make my way to the kitchen and put the yogurt and fruit into the blender, soon the blue -purple of the berries stain the yogurt with color and sweetness. Little things, really. Routine moments of life.

Each day decisions are made. Small, seemingly insignificant, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Isn’t life made up of all the small decisions? One decision leads to another….this choice puts me at another place. Life truly is made up of a million in the everyday.

Nothing big happens all at once, it is usually the daily choices that culminate in the difference.


Proverbs 3:5-6

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”




Hopeful And Excited

19 Aug

As the summer winds down and school begins, life seems fresh with opportunities.

This time of the year feels more new to me than the ball dropping in Times Square on an early January morning.

The world is ripe with possibilities, bright, like the soon-to-be colors of the autumn leaves.

I am sitting here mulling over what lies ahead. Hopeful and excited.






This Is My Life

14 Aug

I have missed my regular blogging over the past couple of weeks. This August has been and continues to be busy! Please bear with me as my posts are hit and miss this month. The plan is to get back in my groove after Labor Day!

I’m doing (academic) diagnostic evaluations for many in my local home school group. I am trying to get all that done before school starts! I enjoy testing kids to see what they know. Just to toot our own horn a little bit, these students are rocking the tests. Those of you that know me, know that even though I was (and continue to be part time) a public school teacher….I am in love with home schooling. It has been a great experience. I enjoy the flexibility that comes with home schooling.

My son leaves for college in two weeks. There is so much to get done in that two week period. I have lists on top of my lists of things to get done before his big move. The other night my son invited me to go out with him to the movies. We had opportunity to talk, and laugh together. The times spent with him are bitter sweet, because I am acutely aware of how things are changing for us. He is no longer my little boy, but my young man. I am extremely proud of all that he has accomplished in his young life and know he will go on to great things. In the meantime I need to make sure that he has detergent and dryer sheets, extra long sheets for his dorm bed, and warm clothes since he is heading north! Sigh…..I will miss him.

On Saturday we adopted a new dog from the local shelter. Rocky is a year and a half old….and still very puppy like. The shelter said he is a Boxer/Collie mix. I am beginning to think they were wrong. I think he is a Boxer/Lab mix. Our two other dogs, Ace (senior) and Lonnie (middle aged) don’t know what to think of this young, teen, dog. He is a whirlwind. He gallops around like a horse and if one happens to be standing in his “zone” as he goes flying by he/she might be knocked over, much like getting a strike at the bowling alley! This morning while feeding our other animals, Rocky wanted to show his love for me. He jumped up and put both paws on me. (We are working on NOT doing that.) Paws that were muddy and damp from the morning dew. Paws that left two large, muddy paw prints smack dab on my……..chest. I have on a light colored tee shirt. I don’t feel like changing, because it will only happen again until we train him to not do this. So, I’m going to Wal-mart with paw prints on my chest.

This is my life.

I hope all my readers are having a peaceful and happy morning. I think of you often, scattered all across the continents. I wonder what it is that you are doing while living your lives. We are all so different, and yet so much the same.



Good Morning

8 Aug

This post, from my archives, spoke to me this morning……..












I stood still, looking out the window as the sun burned off the foggy haze laying low on the fields.

There is a certain serenity, a peace, in a scene such as this.

The day is new, and as of yet, untouched.

Taking in the quiet stillness of the morning, feeling the slight coolness in the air.

Knowing that the heat of summer will be, but a memory in another short month.

I’m thankful.

Thankful to be here…at this place….in this time. For whatever reason God has chosen.

May I be worthy of the precious time that I’ve been given.
For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”  Esther 4:14  NIV



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