When Your Reality Was Not Part Of The Plan

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How many of us find ourselves in the middle of a reality that we didn’t really plan for? We wake to find our life map has been crisscrossed with detours and derailments, pits and punctures, and a healthy dose of “what just happened?”. Maybe it is just because I had an important birthday. Maybe turning fifty has made me more contemplative. Maybe I just like to think about stuff. I don’t know.

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At times when I find myself doubting about where I am in life, and what I find myself in the middle of, sometimes things I never asked for and didn’t want, I am reminded of a quote from the late Corrie Ten Boom. This Holocaust survivor was a follower of Jesus Christ. Because she and her family helped to hide Jews they incurred the wrath of the Nazi’s.  This woman probably wondered how she found herself surviving in a concentration camp. Surely, this was not part of her plan. Even in the midst of a living nightmare, she saw God in action. She was witness to miracles. She lost some of her own family members and numerous friends and yet she did not lose sight of the bigger picture.

I will paraphrase her words…..”Life is like a tapestry that is being embroidered. From the viewpoint of Heaven, God can see the beautiful picture of our lives.  All the intricacies and wonder. From our viewpoint, here on Earth, all we can see is the loose threads, the knotted off strings, and a picture that doesn’t make much sense”. We have to have faith that God is good. He sees us. He is working on our life picture every single minute of every single day…..and He alone knows the number of our days. We are not forgotten.

So, if you find yourself in the middle of a detour, remember God loves you and He is in control. You might find that the detour takes you to a place you would have never discovered on your own.

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“Surprises are part of God’s plan. They remind us that He’s still in charge”. –Charles Swindoll