Vacation At Camp Crystal Lake

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Today I am celebrating my birthday. Fifty years have come and gone since I made my grand entrance into this world. My sister sent me a funny t-shirt for my birthday. It has “Summer of 1980. Camp Crystal Lake-Swimming, Boating, Adventure….” Now, for those of you that grew up in the 1980’s, you know about the campy slasher flicks. If so, the shirt might give you a chuckle, as it did me. Movies full of silly plots and bad acting. I mean how many times are Jason Vorhees, Michael Myer, and Freddy Krueger going to return from the dead? My sister and I still love these types of movies. We are not able to sit through the movie and keep our mouths shut though. We have running commentary. “For cryin’ out loud! Don’t you know NOT to go into the woods to make out with the cute camp counselor? If you go into the woods, you’ll never make it out alive!”. Or there is always the one kid that goes off by his or herself. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Don’t you know you always stick with the group? You don’t want Jason to pick you off. You are being the weakest link!”. My all time fav, “Run faster! If you fall down GET UP. Be scrappy. This is not an action flick, Jason doesn’t move like Bruce Lee. You can outrun him, after all, he has already been dead and back alive and dead again for some time, surely he doesn’t have very good lung capacity at this point. Sprint for it! What have you got to lose, but your life?”

Maybe, this weekend I will pull out one of my DVD’s. Pop some corn, and watch Friday the Thirteenth Part 543.