What If?


I read an article entitled, What if All I Want is a Mediocre Life?. The article is written by Krista O’Reilly Davi-Digui. At first glance, it looks like the title is saying a bland, ho-hum kind of a life is the goal. That is not what she is saying…unless that is what someone is truly looking for. It is more about being okay in your own skin. Looking at your life with all its craziness and laziness, ups and downs and realizing you are okay with it.

This is something I have been thinking about and working through for the last several months. My life, like yours, isn’t perfect. It never will be, but it is good.


  • I like to wear leggings and big sweaters instead of tight jeans and fitted t-shirts. (Because I am almost 50 and comfort far outweighs “cute”) Although, I will say I love vintage t-shirts.
  • I drink green tea and water every day, instead of soda. (I have a tea addiction and I embrace that)
  • I recently got my hair cut short, sort of a long “pixie”. It is simple, much easier to take care of and it fits in with my “messy”, low maintenance idea of hair care. (Blow it dry, spritz with hairspray and I am done)
  • I’ve lived in the country and I’ve lived in the city, and I enjoy the country more. Yeah, I have to drive to get anywhere and the selection of stores and restaurants is not great, but the open night sky and sunsets, peace and quiet, and having animals…worth every single inconvenience.
  • Sometimes I am grumpy and under pressure to finish assignments or assessments, or I just want to sit and watch Netflix. (Sometimes I do just watch Netflix because I can and because I need to relax–which is difficult for me)
  • I am passionate about people. My heart is for those with disabilities. My specialty is working with those with autism. My heart aches for those people caught in human trafficking. (I try to be a voice for all those individuals that deserve to be heard)
  • My children are grown and I am releasing my grip on them. I don’t always get it right. I am learning the fine line between love and letting go. (It is hard…so hard.)
  • I decided to go back to school in my 40’s to get a graduate level degree. I didn’t have to do it, but I wanted to do it. I have a 4.0 because I love to learn.
  • Winter is beautiful to me, even though the cold air dries out my skin and I am left with chapped, raw hands and itchy skin. (But, the snow falling soft and quiet…)
  • I am a good wife, I keep our home running smoothly on a daily basis…but, sometimes I can be grouchy and things get on my nerves and I am not always loveable. (But, my husband because he too is good, loves me anyway)
  • I like to get dressed up on occasion, but most of the time my life consists of tennis shoes, and sweaters, cleaning litter boxes, wiping up cat puke, and mucking a horse stall. (It keeps me humble)
  • Stubborn, edgy, and sometimes I blat out stuff I shouldn’t. Sigh.


No, not perfect.

Not even close.

A good life.

A messy life.

My life.

And I am okay with it.


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