Make Time To Be Thankful

The sunlight is streaming across the yard. The air is not yet warm, on this mid May morning, as I make my way over to the barn. During my walk, I like to look over the back pasture to where the green grass touches the blue sky. I have the fleeting thought that I could put a chair right there in the side yard, and sit and read, and watch the world go by and be completely content.



If only I could. If only life allowed for more of the quiet, contemplative moments. Instead, there are appointments to keep, people to meet, deadlines, online, sidelines and stuff. Always stuff. I do try to make time in the every day to slow down. To enjoy. I just wish there was more of it.

Today I am thankful for:

*Blue skies *Iced coffee *Barn cats *Petting the horse’s soft velvet nose *Laughing with my husband *Quiet mornings *The last week of school *Checking off assignments *Mowed Yard *Anticipation of summer trips *Another day to take a moment to breathe it all in


3 thoughts on “Make Time To Be Thankful

  1. Everything’s cool except the barn cats. You can have all those you want. I’d love to sit in the yard and look out over some of the scenery you see every day. Wow! What a blessing! Do you think I could ask God to build my mansion for me on a farm? Will there be farms in heaven. Gosh, I hope so.

    • Steve, I think so! Heaven will be so wonderful, when we get there we will wonder why we exercised, ate right, and took vitamins to live longer! BTW, our barn cats are super sweet. We’ve had them since kittens….very people friendly. 🙂

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