Challenge #12, Might-Have-Been



I often get asked, why in the world did you move here? The people who ask, are alluding to the fact I moved from Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville is a city nestled in a valley surrounded by the foothills of The Great Smoky Mountains. It is a place that many Ohioans go on vacation. Yet, here I am. My family and I moved to a rural area of Ohio, outside a tiny village whose population doesn’t even make it to “town” status. It is not unusual to see Amish families on the roads in their buggies.I admit, it is not a happening place. I miss restaurants, and all the shopping. I could be to most places in five minutes. With that said, when I lived in the city I didn’t wake to the sound of geese flying overhead, or the rooster crowing. I didn’t have the opportunity to witness open sky and wide, uncrowded spaces. These places to breathe and think and not feel so rushed. In the city, buildings crowded out my view of the sun rising, and city lights detracted from the brilliance of the night sky. My house was on a large double lot in the city, but there is no comparison to the twelve acres in the country. There is room for the family and dogs, cats, chickens, and horse.


When I am going about my business of feeding animals and other chores, I often stop and soak it all in. I am a country girl at heart. This life I’m living, bring me so much joy. If you had asked me a half dozen years ago, where I’d be, or what I’d be doing, I could have never imagined this. A new marriage and family, in a new house in a new state, in the country. It might never have been……but, I’m so glad it is!



5 thoughts on “Challenge #12, Might-Have-Been

  1. Wonderful post. I get the same question. I recently moved to one of the coldest places in the United States. And people as me why? My answer is why not?! Its not like I plan to stay here forever. And what an experience! I also choose to live 25mins from my job. OMG 25 minutes!!!! but to live in the country is worth the drive!!! Besides I don’t want to be that close to work.

  2. You are so fortunate. Dare I say I “envy” everything about your 12 acres and your sunrises and roosters and chickens and dogs and wide open spaces. I moved from a similar farming town in Iowa nestled in the midst of sprawling corn and bean fields, and farms and countryside. Now I’m stuck, and I do mean stuck, in a sprawling metropolis with the world’s busiest airport and more cars and traffic and skylines and buses and smog. Why? I followed my job and wife’s family to the “big city”. It is far from glamorous. Far from appetizing. And, sadly, far from cornfields and chickens and cows and peace and quiet. Do you have room for me and Marie and our daughter and dog and two granddaughters? Be careful how you answer. I can pack tonight and be in Ohio by Wednesday. :>)

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