Challenge #4 Go Ahead, Make My Day

Quote a line from a favorite movie……. What makes it special?

“Beginnings are usually scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will.” –Birdee Pruit (played by Sandra Bullock) in Hope Floats



This movie came out on the big screen in 1998. I actually saw it at an afternoon matinee with my aunt who was visiting my family in Tennessee at the time. It will be eighteen years this summer since I first heard that memorable line. I had just turned thirty, I had a three year old son, two young step-daughters, and was still a year away from hearing the doctor give my husband a diagnosis of an incurable heart condition.

Looking back, it is ironic that this quote would become a favorite at that time in my life. A time when I was still at the beginning in so many ways, scary yes, but also exciting. What I didn’t know then was the “endings are usually sad” part was going to be all too real to me in a short time. Isn’t it funny how we remember the seemingly insignificant things in our lives that lead up to the big, life changing things?

I agree with “it’s what’s in the middle that counts”. You’ve heard people say, everyone has a birth date and a death date…it’s that dash in between the dates that is important.