Challenge #2 Emotion Roulette

The other night I was walking back to the house from the barn. I do some of my best thinking while doing my chores. To be honest, I don’t really consider feeding the animals, and the trek to the barn a chore. It is my labor of love. There is something to be said for working out life’s problems while working. There has been many an evening when the horse calmly listens to me as I tell her of my attempts to solve the world’s problems by bedtime. 102_4140


I am happy and content with my life in the country. I like having land, I love all my animals, and the peace of living in quiet spaces and wide open places. It never gets old for me. I am grateful to have this opportunity. This chance I’ve been given, to live on this piece of land in rural Ohio, makes me genuinely happy.




My life has taken unexpected twists and turns over the years. I never in a million years would have thought I’d end up here. In this spot. In this state. At this time.


But, I’m so glad things worked out this way.

3 thoughts on “Challenge #2 Emotion Roulette

  1. Dawn,
    For some reason I categorized your posts in a place I could not find them. I’ve been missing reading your stuff. I changed my email format and unintentionally hid email notifications from you. I hope I’ve corrected the problem.
    This is the first post of yours I’ve read in a long time. Don’t know why it happened. I”m glad I found you again.
    And, as usual, I’m captivated by your place in life, like you talked about in this post, and your heart-warming pictures. As I’ve said before your Ohio is not that much different from my Iowa and the country and mature I so adored as a child.
    Thank you again for sharing, and God bless.

    • Steven,
      Do you have Instagram? (even if you don’t want to participate yourself, it is fun to look at the pictures). My Instagram is dedicated to life in the country. Picture after picture about rural life. You would love it. I’m GIBSONGIRL247 on Instagram:) Just a thought…….

      • Oh my goodness! I found it! WOW! Now I can go home to the countryside in Iowa (through Ohio) any time I want. Thanks so much, Dawn. This is GREAT!!!!

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