Great Things Happen…


These are printed words that I have taped to the front of my refrigerator…words that make me think. Always make me think. I am not a clean refrigerator door type of girl….I have many words of wisdom taped to the door. Words I see multiple times a day.

“More than being afraid of a dangerous world, MAYBE WE SHOULD BE much more afraid of comfort zones.” (

Comfort zones can be deadly. They are insidious, in that they kill new ideas, annihilate change, and often times leave us doing “the same old, same old” and getting nowhere as we walk in familiar circles.  It might make us feel good, thinking “we’ve always done it this way”, but that leaves no room for what might happen if we try something new and different.

Yes, change can be scary, but it can also be exhilarating. Stepping out of my comfort zone can make me feel anxious, especially when I’m not always sure what I’m stepping into…..but, if I never step up and step out, I will never know.

Life is far too short to stay insulated in a cocoon of complacency.

If one door slams shut, don’t be afraid to open another.

Great things happen to those who aren’t afraid.

One thought on “Great Things Happen…

  1. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Dawn. I for one certainly lounge longer than I should in my comfort zone. Change is good. Concern that makes us more aware of our surroundings and the needs to fill there is good.

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