Life Becomes Just A Little Bit Sweeter


I feel the cold immediately. As soon as I open the door the frigid air fills the opening between cozy warmth and bitter winter winds. The only part of me that is actually showing is my eyes, and that is necessary only to see where I am going. The scarf, wrapped snuggly around my neck and over my mouth and nose, keeps my face warm and keeps my breath from freezing. A lined hat pulled down over ears, a thick coat and insulated gloves. This is my winter wardrobe. I am used to putting on and pulling off the layers several times a day. That is how it is when one has dogs to walk and animals to feed and things to do.

Winter sky, a brilliant blue, full of white, cottony clouds, stacked on top of each other and full of snow. I snap a picture with my eyes, and file it away in my memory. Snow blowing across the back fields, each flake chasing the next, racing to see which can whirl away first. I am mesmerized by the fierce beauty that winter holds. The wind whips hard against me, leaving me gasping. Facing directly into the wind and snow is not for the faint of heart….challenging Winter usually leaves one huddled and chattering.

The fence corner posts, grayed by the weather, stand strong in the slamming wind, not to be broken or bent. They look lonely on the edges of the field, standing guard over the property. I love to look out over the back field, all the way to where the ground meets the horizon. It is one of the most peaceful views, throughout all the seasons. Another picture for my memory.  I notice a little brown field mouse scurry by and dive into some straw near the chicken coop….he wedges himself into a little hole. I wish him well in his endeavor to find a warm haven.

I am thankful.

Thankful for my layered clothes. Thankful for my cozy house. Thankful for this beautiful season of cold, for without it I could never fully appreciate warmth.  Thankful for the ability to stop and be grateful in the moment, to see the beauty in all things. I am acutely aware that, that is a gift.

With that knowledge life becomes just a little bit sweeter, even when standing in the bitter winter winds.

For the choir director. A Psalm of David. The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge.… Psalm 19:1-2 


2 thoughts on “Life Becomes Just A Little Bit Sweeter

  1. Dawn, you are a great writer. I enjoy every syllable, every day. And, of course, you know how much I adore your accounts of Ohio winters on the farm.

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