Positive Vibes


Something has been nagging at me lately, nibbling away at my thoughts. Maybe, I think about things too much. I have heard, over the past month, individuals saying things like, “Send positive healing vibes out into the universe”, or “I say thank you for all the good in my life…saying a prayer and sending it out into the universe.”  What exactly does that mean? Sending it out to the universe? Where? To the stars? Other planets?  Wanting “The Force” to be with you?

I know there are a lot of agnostics and atheists in this world, maybe even some that read my blog. Although, they would have to overlook a lot since my blog is obviously faith based,  and I am not shy about putting my views out there.

I guess “sending it out to the universe” just seems empty and meaningless to me. I truly believe that people want there to be more, hope that there is more than just this life, that there is a “higher power” beyond what the eye can see. Otherwise, this existence could get fairly depressing, in my opinion. Life is hard.

If one is going to thank somebody, why the vast universe? Why not the One who created the universe? The One who calls the stars by name, calms storms with just the sound of His voice, and already knows each of the days of your life, before even one of them came to be?

I know there are a lot of people searching too. They just haven’t figured out yet, what it is they are searching for….or who they are searching for.

Having said that, I can only give my own personal story. My testimony, that there is, indeed, a God. I can speak to the fact that Jesus changed my life. That I know because He lives, I can face all my tomorrows with peace and absolute security. Some would scoff at me, and say, “Only the weak need religion. God is just a fantasy that people make up when they are forced to face the unknown.” To that, I reply, “I could present all the proof in the world, and until one is ready to see it, it will not make sense to him/her.”

Dear readers of my blog, you are loved. You are not forgotten. God has a plan for you. Really.

I would be honored if you would take a few extra minutes and read some of my archived posts. The funny, the difficult, the lovely, the gritty brokenness of my life. It is my story…..and I know the author of my story. His name is Jesus.

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