Old Man Winter

Considering the entire past week of school has been cancelled because of snow, ice, and below zero temperatures, I thought I’d share a poem I wrote a couple of winters ago. The poem seems to fit perfectly on this cold, icy, snowy winter morning.



Old Man Winter,

SVG line drawing, meant to simulate 1600's sty...

Image via WikipediaOld Man Winter

didn’t knock at my door.

He pounded and slammed,

left mud and snow on my floor.

He was bitter and cold

dressed all in white,

icy blue eyes

and breath with a bite.

I asked him how long

he planned to stay?

March? April?

Not longer, I pray!

“I love freezing rain,

sleet, snow.

I spread ice

wherever I go!”

I grabbed my mittens

got ready to play

If you can’t beat him, join him

and have a SNOW DAY!

By: Dawn Gibson

3 thoughts on “Old Man Winter

  1. And, of course, I’m jealous. And crazy. I’d much rather be playing in your ice and snow than suffering through this fog and miserable drizzle and cold.

    • Steve,
      We had snow last week, ice this week, and this morning we had “freezing fog”. Yes, freezing fog. It blanketed everything in water droplets, that froze due to our extreme temperatures. There was frost on everything standing. When I went out this morning, I felt like I was entering the magical world of Narnia. It was so beautiful!

      • That sounds amazing. Can I come to your place? Just for the winter. I promise I’ll leave by Spring.

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