Snow! Snow! Snow!

I’m sitting at the kitchen table, attempting to warm up from my bitterly cold trek to the barn and chicken coop. It is currently 7 degrees, but on the bright side, we are to reach a balmy 15 degrees for today’s high. Tonight it is supposed to snow, the local weather guy is calling for 4-6 inches where I live, here in west central Ohio. I actually enjoy winter……I just don’t like my hands to go numb from the cold. I think I might require a hot chocolate to feel better.

I pulled this post from my blog archives. It still fits for today just as much as it did the day I first wrote it.




It’s snowing again.

White, fluffy flakes floating down to the earth.

Winter is here, and I can feel it give birth….

to crisp, cold air. Drifting snow…

and bundling up, with no place to go.

Blankets of white fold into the ground

The hush of snow, a quiet sound.


2 thoughts on “Snow! Snow! Snow!

  1. I am Sooooooooooooooooo jealous, Dawn. You know why. Play in a snow drift for me. Wear your gloves and cover your ears.

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