A Color Without Color

The cold morning air felt moist on my face, as I tugged my hat down, closer to my head. I pulled my coat tighter around me, the damp, cool breeze made it seem even colder. The morning was enveloped in gray, the sky looking much like the sooty color of smoke. The trees stood on the horizon like soldiers at the ready…waiting bravely for whatever the weather chose to throw their way. The gray of the tree branches and the gray of the sky seem to complement each other on this early December morn. As I walked over to the barn, I noticed the barn across the street, weather worn and old. It too, seems gray, the white paint worn off in spots, and bleached by years of sun.

Winter is bearing down hard, although we have a few days left before it is official. Even though, gray is considered a neutral, or a “color without color”, it is beautiful in its own way…..to anyone who takes the time to really look.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1