My Heart Is Full

Thanksgiving is this Thursday. I can feel time slowing down, even in the midst of meal prep, plans for Black Friday shopping, and the beginning of decorating for Christmas. Slowing down to the day of thanks.

A day set aside to be especially grateful for all our blessings.

Throughout the year, each day brings new gifts.

So many times, I take for granted all that I have. It is too easy to allow that to happen.

Stopping now, to write them down…..the gifts…each and every one.

My heart is full.


Thankful for: 

*a warm house

*a new puppy

*all my animals


*hot cocoa on cold days

*a supportive husband

*new adventures

*a weekend away with my husband

*healthy children

*a son enjoying college

*watching a movie with my daughter

*time with the oldest

*all my needs taken care of, and most of my wants

*family time



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