Things Will Look Much Differently Then

The air nips cold. My sweater sure feels good today, I pull it closer as I go about my daily chores. I cannot believe that we are already into the third week of October. Time, truly stops for no one. I’m feeling contemplative today, thinking about all I need to get done before winter makes its first frigid visit. Not far off… This morning I was standing on the front porch, waiting on the dogs to get finished with their mandatory jog around the property, when I gazed across the field to the barn standing at the other end. The color of the utilitarian structure was white gray against the brown and dry corn stalks. Wasn’t it just weeks ago that the trees bordering the field were green? And the air was moist with late summer heat? The movement of time grows louder in my mind. The pages on the calendar turn quickly. I memorize the snapshot I take with my eyes….in just two months it will be the week of Christmas. Things will look much differently then. Time will continue to click off the moments.




Even the stark branches are beautiful

Even the stark branches are beautiful

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