Blazing Oranges And Reds

The blazing oranges and reds are muted by the gray morning sky. The monstrous combine sits waiting in the field across the road, waiting for the farmer to finish harvesting his soybean crop. The air is cool-moist, making me wonder if more rain isn’t soon on the way? I pull my thick sweater closer to me, its warmth feels good against the chilly breeze. This time of the year seems slower to me, almost deliberate, as if the whole world is getting ready to snuggle in for what lies ahead.

The view from my side yard looks like a Currier and Ives print. Burnt oranges and reds, and flaming yellows spread across the horizon. A barn cat perches on top of the corner fence post, as if surveying the acreage of the horse pasture. The collie sniffs the moist air, smelling something, that my nose can’t.

I truly enjoy this time of the year. I want to take photo after photo of its glory…so I can remember.

A perfect morning for a hot drink, and contemplation.



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