Notebooks Full Of Words

Write them down. 

Keep writing.

Again and again. 

Add another. 

Never stop. 

See them. Really, see them.

Notebooks full of words, overflowing with eucharisteo. 


Evidence of His grace. 

Gifts, all of them.

Great and glorious gifts in the every day.






Today I am thankful for: 

*a comfy bed

*a husband, whom I love, that is sleeping beside me

*early morning when most of the world is still asleep

*muddy paws and happy licks

*the crow of the rooster

*golden, blinding sunlight streaming across the fields

*feeling like the beauty of nature is all for me to see

*blue sky and puffy white clouds

*a morning chill

*looking forward to Fall

*breakfast while checking emails

*an email from my son at college

*the gift of friendship

*hearing another’s story and grateful that we crossed each other’s path

*joy for friends that will soon be married

*a sweet card of encouragement

*new recipes 

*a brand new week with endless possibilities

*love and laugher and living and losing all wrapped up in the days

Thank you, Jesus, for it all.