A Daily Altar

The list continues to grow. The more life presses in, the more I write. The minutiae of the every day becomes an altar to the God who gives abundantly. Thanking Him for each of the moments, allows me to really see them. It would be so easy to let myself go and be caught up in the white water of daily urgency…being pulled under by the “must get it done”. Seeing God’s gifts, slows down time, and it slows down me

I had this exact thought the other day, when I found myself caught up in my to do list. Urgency is a thief and steals the joy from today. I made myself stop and be in the moment. Breathe deeply and savor. God is here in the every day. His handprint is on it all. 




Today I am thankful, so very thankful….

*early morning fog and dew, outlines spider webs in the field, intricate patterns of nature’s art

*my pets greeting me with pure, sloppy, love…and a ripped open bag of charcoal briquettes scattered all over the deck. 

*food in the fridge, an egg salad wrap for breakfast

*good news from a friend, prayers answered

*sunshine and a cool morning breeze

*son packing for college, God’s provision in action

*beautiful pictures of daughter, memories of this time in life

*first week completed of new job for oldest son, thank you God

*husband who looks so handsome and loves me, and who I am privileged to call my own

*wide open sky, and a yard that is part meadow….dragon flies buzzing, along with bees and birds

*the chance to touch the lives of other families…using my degree for His glory

*prospect of a ladies group, all together giving thanks for the gifts

*saying good-bye to sugar cravings and losing weight and improving my blood pressure

*porch swings

*family emails and the latest news

*songs and music that touch the soul

*beauty….there is so much beauty in life

Thank you God, for all your gifts! I am overwhelmed by each of them. Practicing, always practicing the thanks…..preparing, much like a marathon runner. Exercising my thank you’s for the rough times, as I know they will come, when the thanking comes hard. Running the race, and not giving up. Knowing that God is faithful.


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