Life Is Good But Not Perfect

The sun poured out across the back field, lighting up the flowers like nature’s jewels. The soybean field was emerald green against the worn wooden fence posts. In the distance, beyond the field, I saw the outline of the town’s water tower. It was the start of another Monday morning out here in the country.















Life is good, but not perfect. I gave up trying to strive for perfection, because it only causes stress and frustration. The fact is, life will never be perfect. There will always be pet fur stuck to furniture, cats that drag dead birds onto the deck, stickiness on the counter tops, a clogged toilet, a lawn mower that is broken, weeds in the flower bed, and  regret over words that should have never been said. Even in the imperfect mess of life, there is still so much that is good. So much to be thankful for….so much that God blesses me with.















Oh, that I will never go through this life with blinders on!


Today I am thankful for: 



*new acquaintances and old friends

*secret smiles with my husband

*the jangle of the dog’s tags

*bare feet

*cars that run

*icy cold water

*a favorite magazine in the mail

*bees buzzing around the lavender

*beautiful, delicate Morning Glories

*healthy children

*second chances, and third and fourth

*losing weight and getting healthy

*family support

*cooler weather

*lots of opportunities

*God, for all the ways He blesses