Worry Less And Wonder More














Some days I am full of stories and pictures that I would love to share with you, my readers. I am always thinking of moments and the minute details of the day. I want my readers to see the world through my eyes, through my words. I keep trying…..

The day started at 6:15am. I like getting up early when the world is quiet and still. At this time of the morning, during the summer months, it is already light and I can see the glow of the morning leaking between the drawn curtains. After getting ready and making my way to the kitchen, I start the coffee and straighten the house. I admire the beautiful antique rug I got from the lady who runs one of the antique stores in the next town over. It is soft and worn…just perfect for bare feet. The sun streams through the living room window and I can’t help but notice that the sofa table needs dusting, as does the top of the piano.  I wish I didn’t always see what needs to be done.

The jaunt over to the chicken coop and barn was nice. The abnormally cool air, for mid July, felt wonderful on my bare arms. If the entire summer could be in the low seventies with low humidity, I would be thrilled. I think that is why I enjoy Autumn so much, just a tad over two months away…. The Morning Glories are twisted around the railing at the end of the deck, with delicate pink and purple blooms. The lavender is full and the bees hungrily eat, I hear their steady hum in my ears. Aside from the heat, there is much to enjoy about the summer months. I do love living in a place that allows me to see the beauty of all the different seasons.

My to do list is long, and I am well aware of all that must get done. I desperately want to put a check mark next to items on the list. I want to get things finished. The stress of it all drains me some days. I was outside the other day and the thought occurred to me, why do I worry so much about things? As soon as I check off everything on the list, new things will pop up and beg to be added. Do I chain my life’s happiness to an unending list? Am I defeated if I don’t get it all finished? This is something I am working on, or maybe I should say not working on?

My son just asked for my help to take some stuff out to his car. While outside I stopped and stared at the big puffy clouds and the bright blue sky. I noticed the weeds in the flower beds, and even though they are so hated…they actually are pretty with their yellow flowers. The thought occurred to me that maybe I need to just stay outside more, nature reminds me that the list is not as important as I think it is. My worries make my life small. They force me to live in frantic mode instead of thankful mode. I don’t believe that God ever intended for us to live life like it is a panicked emergency.

Over and over again I attempt to learn this lesson. It is important, and I need to get it. Not just with words, but actually live it. These words are an unending loop in my mind. “Rest, don’t stress. To love, not to list. Be joyful, not panicked. Worry less and wonder more.”

Life is meant to be lived fully and big. God wants us to depend on Him for an abundant life, not through our own power of getting it all done.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10 NIV


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