The Desire To Belong

I know it is now Saturday…but, I did not get to do Five Minute Friday yesterday. So, I am doing it today:)
Five Minute Friday


The word prompt for today is: BELONG 

Overall, I feel like I have a fairly decent self-esteem. In the day to day I feel pretty good about myself in the things that truly matter, but there have been times (and I’m sure there will be more!) where I have felt like the odd one out. I don’t get the inside joke. I wasn’t in the “inner circle”. Something that I have come to realize over the years is this: we all have our issues and insecurities. Even the slender woman that stares into the mirror, many times is blinded to her true beauty. She often sees the flaws and longs to look like someone else. The businessman that works extra long hours because he wants to be recognized by the boss, and to feel apart of the team. There are a lot of people in this world that don’t get the inside joke, and are just trying to “fake it to make it”, because they feel if someone really knew them, they might be the one being laughed at.

The desire to belong is strong in each of us. We want to belong….to a mate, to children, to family, to co-workers, to neighbors. We want friends that are our “besties” and to know that the words we speak will be heard and appreciated. None of us were made to fly solo. Oh sure, there are times when it is wonderful to have peace and quiet and have time inside your own head, to come away refreshed. But, for most the desire is not to live that way forever.

God is good. He did not make us to be by ourselves, standing on the outside looking in. He made us for communion with each other and most importantly with Him. There is a place in our spirit that only He is able to fill.

In relationship with God, it is where we truly belong.


2 thoughts on “The Desire To Belong

  1. Amen! We do tend to see our own flaws glaring at us! You’re so right that we all want to belong, and God doesn’t want us to be alone.

    I’m glad you joined in with FMF even though you didn’t get to it until Saturday. 🙂

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