I Never Cease To Be Amazed






All of nature cries out to the Creator, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty!”.

Everywhere I look, I see the hand of God. His fingerprints are left on each creation. From the single dandelion, to the storm clouds rolling in…..

I see grass and flowers in the field, I see the sun and the moon in the sky.

I am mesmerized by the cloud formations, and the animals that roam across the ground.

None of these things, alone, are worthy of my praise…

Only the One who created all this beauty.

I never cease to be amazed by His creativity and in awe of His majesty.

Showing gratitude for it all……


Today I am thankful for: 

*being able to sleep a few minutes longer

*the nice people that I have met and befriended since moving here

*a slow paced Monday

*the beginning of summer

*ice cubes in my tea


*sharing good news

*safe trip back home for my husband

*flea markets

*projects to work on

*God who loves, and gives abundantly


3 thoughts on “I Never Cease To Be Amazed

  1. All things to love. Thank you, Dawn, for sharing. You know how much I adore your praises in your pictures. I can’t ever get enough of them. I stop on each picture. God bless, my friend.

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