I Didn’t Know Her

I didn’t know her.

I had never spoken to her before yesterday afternoon.IMG_1347

As a matter of fact, I hadn’t even known she existed.

But, in that moment…the internet brought us together.

Her words cried out to me from the computer screen.

As a child she had been taught more about fearing God than following Him.

She was told that she would probably go to Hell.

Her young heart was wounded by words that cut deep.

As an adult she has questions.

Is this true? Should I only fear God?

Or…is it possible that He loves me?

And my heart broke wide open.

Broken for all those that have lived lives wondering…because of careless, callous words that ripped through their childhoods.

Although, I was only able to speak to this woman through words typed on a screen, I pray she heard my heart.

More than that, I pray that she allows God to see her heart.

For her to know that Jesus loves her. He loves her so much that He took her place, filled the gap between her and God.

Jesus found her worthy. Worthy enough to die for.

That He wants her to know Him. Lovingly, intimately, fearlessly…

I don’t even know where she lives…..but, God does……and He wants her to finally come home.

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2 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know Her

  1. Dawn, this is beautiful. I’m so glad that God connected you with this woman and that He worked through you to minister to her. Thanking Him and praying for her right now.

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