A Rich Life

Tomorrow I will turn 46.

The years, they have come and gone, but more than time has shaped me into who I am today.IMG_1195

Although I have never dwelt on my age, I sometimes find it hard to believe.

I guess most of us are like that? Remembering back and looking forward. Wondering when the years changed us.

A full life. A rich life…..

A good life, but not a perfect life.

My life.

The sun is streaming through the kitchen windows. This day is new and fresh and real.

My last day of 45.

An overflowing laundry hamper, an unmade bed. Flowers from Mother’s Day and cookies that my daughter baked. My son sleeping through the pain of having his wisdom teeth removed. Looking forward to my son’s graduation and family visiting. Sun streaming through the house…warmth that shows all the dust. My favorite hoodie and new tennis shoes. Needing to walk more and workout more. Struggling to get things right. A book full of Amish recipes and a brand new llama cria across the road. Birthday cards in the mail and dinner out with my husband. Sweet tea and good books. Blogging and reading glasses. Open fields and practicing songs for church choir. The end of the school year and looking forward to relaxing this summer. Mountain top experiences and trials through fire. Friends that will help me. Family that loves me.

Sure, there is sadness….but, there is also SO MUCH JOY.

Jesus loves me and with God nothing is impossible…and that is always enough, but He chooses to give me so much more.

This whole messed up, mixed up, and completely glorious life is a gift.






5 thoughts on “A Rich Life

  1. I am thankful for your 46 years. We both have loved people who have not lived 46 years here on earth. Really, each birthday is a blessing. You are a blessing. Thanking God for my wonderful sister. Happy (almost) Birthday!

  2. Happy almost Birthday to one of my dearest friends! Welcome to 46! It is a great year but as you said, hard to believe we are there.

    Enjoyed reading your list of last day of 45. So many great a small things that make up a wonderful life. May you enjoy tomorrow just as much as today!!!

  3. Happy birthday, Dawn! I know what you mean about the last day of being a certain age. This year my birthday will be one of those milestone ones, so my age is more on my mind than usual.

    I had to look up what a llama cria is. Thanks for helping me learn a new word! 🙂

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