A Woman Of Words

Over at Lisa-Jo’s, this week’s prompt is “WRITER.”


As a child she sat on the front porch steps with the autumn leaves falling softly to the ground all around her… Daydreaming, the pictures in her mind as crisp as those newly fallen leaves. She wrote in her journal about stories and doodles and life.

As a teen she wrote of first love, and hurt feelings and giggles and growing up.

Later it was cards and encouragements, baby book entries, and snippets of poetry.

Writing was her thing, and she loved it. Words that allowed happy memories to flourish, and words that understood brokenness.

Powerful, they were…… those words.

Typed or penned or blogged. Private or public. Funny or sad.

Looking back she sees her life. She relives parts of the journey through the words that she wrote over the years.

She smiles, she cries….she remembers.

They are part of her.

A teller of stories. A woman of words. A developer of dreams.

She is, and always will be, a writer.