Today I Am Thankful

I was outside, walking the dog, when my attention was drawn to the field across the road. A dozen deer were grazing quietly in the early morning sunlight, streaks of purple and pink in the sky behind them. Ever so quiet, frozen in a perfect picture moment. I ran inside to grab my camera. It is for moments like these that I enjoy getting up early. God is always giving me beautiful pictures of His creativity.


Today I am thankful for: 

*honking geese flying low

*sunlight sparkling on the winter lake

*deer grazing in the field across the road

*quiet morning when the world is just waking up

*purple and pink sky

*fuzzy kitten curled in my arms

*barking dog

*praying with my son

*safe travels

*a job interview for one

*a new job for another

*a husband still wrapped up in sleep

*Spring Break

*a college tour

*handsome senior pictures

*God, who makes all things possible



One thought on “Today I Am Thankful

  1. I cropped some of the sky from your absolutely gorgeous picture and I’m using it as my desktop. Thank you. Beautiful. As always. Beautiful.

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