Joy In The Everyday

Five Minute Friday: Joy

Writing for five minutes and and only five minutes….

Ready. Set. Go!


Joy is a choice and I choose to live it.

Happiness is not the same thing as joy. Happiness can be fickle and fleeting, triggered by emotion. Unpredictable and unsteady.

Joy is different. Joy is from God and about God and because of God.

I think back over the moments of my life and realize that where there was joy–there was God.

At 11 years old, I walked to the front of the small church and told the pastor that I knew I needed Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. There was indescribable joy at knowing that I was now a child of the King!

The birth of my son, the gift of motherhood. The first moment I held him, I cried tears of joy. Thankfulness flooded my heart.

The joy of knowing that my chronically ill husband was now standing in the presence of God. He was healthy and whole and through the tears my heart knew.

The joy of new love and finding a best friend.

The joy and awe of standing on the edge of The Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce Canyons, taking in the amazing view of the Grand Tetons, driving across the Nevada desert, wading in the Atlantic off the coast of Rhode Island, listening to the Pacific waves crash on a beach in Costa Rica, savoring the views of my very own piece of heaven, here in the country.  There is joy in nature, God’s handiwork.

Joy in the everyday because God is here.