Be Thankful

My friend made me a beautiful burlap pendant banner with the words “Be Thankful” printed on it. I have it hanging above the large double windows in the kitchen. I see it all the time. Be thankful is in plain sight. A gentle reminder to appreciate all the blessings. I find if I concentrate on those things, the harder parts of life don’t hurt as much. Being thankful doesn’t mean that the hard, sharp things of life won’t happen, we all know they do…..but, if I practice my daily thanksgiving I will be better prepared for those difficulties of life.

Thankfulness is a discipline, just like daily exercise or practicing eating right is a discipline important for good health. Training my mind to see the blessings, gives me spiritual muscle that will keep me strong during the trials.











Today I am thankful for: 

*up early to see the beautiful full moon

*cold air outside and warm house inside

*dogs barking

*fresh eggs for breakfast

*sunshine streaming through the kitchen windows

*good music

*Shine FM


*busy schedule

*good books

*smiles from my family


*time to rest

*hot shower

*new baby llamas (cria) in the field across the road