I Realize…

Today’s writing prompt pertains to the life journey. At Faith Jam we spend time discussing what God is doing in our lives,  how He has changed us, how we have grown, and what we have learned through the process.

 Writing prompt: What I’m Learning About Myself.


The Top 10 Things That I Have Learned About Myself And Life…..

1. I realize that life is short. When looking through the scope of eternity, whether we take one short breath in this world, or live to be one hundred years…it is all brief in the scope of eternity.

When my grandparents passed, my first husband died of an incurable heart disease, or when my father ended his life too soon, I realized that it doesn’t really matter how long someone has….it never seems enough. All relationships end. No one really likes to think about it, but it is true. When walking down the aisle, eyes full of love, the words “until death do us part” don’t seem real. Until it happens to you. And it will. No one makes it out alive. I know some of you are probably thinking how morbid I sound, but if one can’t live with the knowing that it won’t be forever, they will never fully appreciate the moments they have. Sure, the small irritations of life, are still there, but the perspective changes. I look at relationships with different eyes now. This perspective makes life richer.

2. Tell the people you love, that you love them. You need to say it, and they need to hear it. All the time. Every day. Don’t let things go unsaid, because regret is a bitter pill to swallow, and no one likes the taste.

3. Say you are sorry. It is humbling. I am not perfect, and neither are you. It is okay to be wrong sometimes. Just admit it.

4. There is always good to appreciate. I’ve always been a voracious reader. My life has been consumed with the written word. About three years ago, I came across One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. There are only a handful of books that have changed my life. (the first and most important, the Bible) Ann’s book talks about how all of life is a gift and we need to list out our thanks to God for all the ways He gives us daily gifts. It was life changing for me, because she opened my eyes to true appreciation and thankfulness for God’s blessings.

5. Music transcends. Music touches the soul, like nothing else can.

6. I try to keep my heart tender towards others. Yes, I’ve gotten teased because I cry at TV shows or Hallmark commercials. I don’t like for people to cry alone…I’m right there with them.

7.God loves me. He loves you. He loves us so much that He took our place on a cross. A cross that was the bridge between us and God. There is nothing in this world that will ever be more important than this relationship. People have said, “I’d die for my faith”, and that is true, but I’d much rather live my faith. Every day for Him. If I had nothing else in this life, I’d realize that HE is enough.

8.Friendships are important, they are the glue of life. Laughter, talking, goofing, hugging, shopping, joking, crying, sharing….. true friendships are awesome. Cultivate them whenever possible. They are worth it. My husband is my best friend, and I am thankful every day that we were brought together.

9.I love nature. It brings me a deep peace to walk outside and see God’s creativity. I realize how small I am in this big world. I stand amazed. Even feeding the animals becomes less of a chore and more of a joy when the perspective is one of amazement.

10. Spend time each day doing what you love. It will make you a better person, and it will bring you joy and that will show to others.