Appreciate It More

Monday, the beginning of a new week. Fresh white pages, ready to be written on.

Possibilities. Not knowing what might happen.

How often am I cavalier with the time given to me? I always expect that there will be more moments.

The only way to live in the time I have, is to appreciate it more.



Today I am thankful for: 

*beautiful sunrises, pinks, purples, golden light

*morning stillness, the sound of silence

*sunshine streaming through the kitchen window

*a new phone, adding contacts

*the sweet taste of an orange

*cuddling with my husband, laughing together

*goofing with friends

*a clean house

*graduation meeting

*finishing classes

*a sense of accomplishment

*a warm bed

*barking dogs

*fresh eggs

*muddy front yards

*working with my students

*second chances, and third, and fourth