Uncovering The Mystery

I love to get gifts. Don’t most of us? Gift giving is one of the few times that I actually enjoy surprises. I slowly unwrap the paper, prolonging the anticipation of what might be inside the box, uncovering the mystery. Gifts need not be expensive, actually some of the best gifts I’ve ever received have not been held by a box.

And isn’t it all a gift, if we know Jesus Christ? The mysteries of this life wrapped in His love for us. He gave us Himself…if we never received another thing that single gift, alone, would have been enough. Enough to last for all of eternity, but He still chooses to gift us lavishly, each day.

You understand, none of this ….none of these gifts ….would have been without Him.












The pretty smile, the love of your spouse, your newborn, strong friendships, laughter, the winter sky pregnant with snow, a kiss, a held hand, a good book, a refrigerator with food in it, a cold drink on a hot day, lush green grass, meadows of wild flowers, wet soil on a rainy day, dog licks from your furry friend, safe travel back and forth, strong and healthy teens, chores completed, rumpled sheets and a soft pillow, college acceptance letters, a card from a loved one, Christmas memories, birthday cake, new nail polish, a car that is reliable, a good run, and each breath we take.

Gifts, each and every one.

Because He was full of grace and truth- from Him we all received one gift after another. John 1:16