Writing For Five Minutes

Today’s prompt for Five Minute Friday is WRITE.  If you want to join us at Five Minute Friday, remember to write for five minutes and don’t worry about mistakes or grammar. Just share.




I have to laugh. My mom kept a lot of my notes, letters, and cards, written through out my growing up years. One of my early writing attempts was an “I’m sorry” letter to her. Evidently, I had misbehaved, got caught, felt remorse and was now begging for mercy. As a child and teen I kept journals (not diaries!) about everything and nothing at all. Periodically I will look back through my journals and spend time both laughing and crying. When I got to college, my DayTimer/Calendar book became my journal. I’d fill dates in with what I had done, or needed to do. I highlighted, made smiley faces and had an ample amount of exclamation points for emphasis on the really good stuff. My life, in all its glory, covered in glitter gel pen.

Years later, as an adult in my late 30’s, I began to blog. It was if the door of heaven had opened. An opportunity to write…and to be read. To share my quirky humor, vast knowledge (ha!), and day to day happenings. Could it get any better than this? Later on this year, I will have been blogging for eight years. Eight years can seem like a small number or a lifetime, I guess it depends on who is considering it. My blog has evolved into posts written about my faith. My walk with the Lord is written out for all to see, and shouldn’t it be that way for all of us?  The longer I write, the more I realize…writers and readers, we aren’t all that different. My words pour out through my keyboard, and are read on computer screens all over the world, bonded together through the Word.

For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:5  NIV