Seeing Life in 20/20

I couldn’t even see the big neon numbers on the alarm clock. Squinting hard, it just looked like a greenish haze. My vision was terrible. I had worn glasses since I was in first grade, and went through years of different styles of glasses and contacts…all so I could see.

I wanted good vision. I longed for it actually. img_0211.jpg

And isn’t that what we all long for? To have 20/20 about the important things of life?

Living this life with eyes wide open to all that truly matters.

Shouldn’t we all long to see?

I was 36. I had opportunity to have LASIK surgery on my eyes. I was scared. What if my vision became worse? What if something happened? My desire to see clearly was stronger than my fear. I had the surgery with my eyes wide open. The surgeon told me, “Your vision will go gray and you won’t be able to see anything for a few seconds…but, that is normal. It will be fine, just trust me.”

Ten minutes later I looked out on my world with perfect 20/20 vision. Thirty-six years of blurriness, replaced with perfect vision in 10 minutes.

I tell people it is the closest thing to a modern day miracle that I have ever witnessed. Incredible. Life changing.

I looked at the world differently….being able to see, changed everything. It changed me.

My physical eyes allow me to see my world around me in all its crisp brilliance.

My spiritual eyes allow me to see all the amazing gifts that God gives each and every day, and for that I am truly thankful.

Psalm 106:1 
 Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.