Come Visit

I like to contribute, when I can, to Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo’s blog. The place where we write on the topic for 5 minutes. Exactly five minutes. Don’t worry about typos, or making a mess. It is just you and the word.

So, I will take 5 minutes to write about the word of the week, VISIT. Here. I. Go !!!














I love the word visit. It makes me think of family and friends and sharing memories. It makes my heart full.

I visit Maryland in my thoughts, often. The place where I grew up, and learned about all the things that made me who I am. When I go back to visit during the holidays, a part of me reconnects with my childhood. It doesn’t really matter that I am 45, Maryland is all about my childhood and the family that shares my memories.

I want and need to visit in Tennessee. The place that I spent over two decades of my adult life. College life, friendships that have lasted over time and distance, my years of teaching,  learning to bleed orange for the University of Tennessee, pinto beans and cornbread and fried green tomatoes. Enlarging my vocabulary to add “fixin’ to”,and  “y’all”. Everyone should spend time in the south.

Family and friends in Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. I need to road trip.

After all the visiting I would come back. Home to the quiet rural landscape of Ohio. My new home.