I Wrap Myself In The Word

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and we have seen His glory–

glory as of the only Son, from the Father full of grace and truth. John 1:14


Read again and again, both silently and aloud. Committed to memory. Hidden in my heart.

The Word (Jesus) became flesh (man) and dwelt among us.

That continues to amaze me.

God put on skin, allowing Himself to become one of us…

to bring us to Himself.

On days when I stare in the mirror and tired eyes stare back. He is there.

On days when the words fly fast and furious and the frustration of life’s situations overflow. He is there.

During the days of sunshine and calm. He is there.

When everyone is doing what they should be doing and everything is clicking. He is there.

His words, The Word, soothe me like a balm. The Word is beautiful, full of glory, grace and truth.

I wrap myself in the words that mean so much… and change everything.

Join those of us that are participating in the Jesus Project?




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