Thankful Today

Deep sapphire blue sky, tinged with the beginning of morning.

Vivid pinks and indigo leak onto icy blue.

The shiver of a new day.

Honking… I hear them before I see them. The dots on the horizon take shape.

A “V” flying towards the winter lake across the road, a noisy family reunion.

Frosted grass, crunchy under my feet, looks like a million diamonds in the early morning sun.

A feast for the eyes before melting into a new day.

Thank you, Lord.

This is another Monday morning. Yet, not like any other.

Each day brings with it something new to be grateful for…

It is beautiful and I am thankful that I can experience it.


Today I am thankful for:

* warm bed

* quilts

* brilliant sky

* frosted ground

* furry pets

* my husband’s help–I so appreciate it!

* laughing with him–sharing inside jokes.

* kiss from my son

* good kids

* Thanksgiving week

* blessed with a full table

* Hallmark Christmas movies

* music