Early Morning Blessings

The early morning sun shone briefly, before giving way to a steel gray sky. IMG_0187

The wind bit hard, even as I snuggled into my coat. The hood blew back and hair went wild in the wind. I strained to see through the strands blowing crazy.

Oh Autumn, you leave me chilled and chattering.

Faded hues of autumn, framed by gray skies.

Barren branches like gnarly fingers, scratching the sky.

The door, caught in the wind, slams shut. The sound echoes over the roar of the morning wind.

The smell of coffee, and the welcoming warmth from hands wrapped around the mug.

The light pools on the kitchen table as I type out life. What it means to live in this moment. To feel time, just exactly as it is in the now.

So many things to get done, before  true winter arrives. I am not quite ready. The thought crosses my mind, are any of us ever ready?

And yet, time slows as I gaze out my kitchen window. I notice some oranges and reds still clinging to trees across the field.

Fields left scraggly and broken, where summer’s corn once stood.

Those leaves fighting against the wind for their last moments of glory.

Even though there is much to do, and a million things on my list…I stop.

And I realize that I am happy.

I thank God for His blessings…because no matter how busy, or hectic the days may be

He has given me much, so much.

I bask in the warmth of His love.


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… Ecclesiates 3:1 NIV



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