Fighting The Battle

I have several friends that are fighting battles. IMG_0253

Each morning they get up, put on their armor, and start their day.

Oh, you’ll not see the armor, it is invisible, but they are fighters nonetheless.

They do hard battle and they are left tired and weary from the struggles.

Early onset Alzheimer’s. How does this happen to a man in his 40’s?  Each day my friend loses a little more of her husband.

She loves in the midst of the battle. She deserves a medal of honor for faith in action.

Another friend, pours over information….searching for the answers.

Mitochondrial disease is a thief that steals a normal life from her teenage son.

Although he has come far, the journey is long. She deserves a badge of courage for never giving up on him.

My brother in law, saddened by the news that his dear friend from college died. At 43, it was way too young.

He went to sleep and didn’t wake up. A wife and a child, and friends and family are left to mourn this life cut short.

Tears flow for the fallen.

Another family constantly on edge as their seven year old, fights for his life. Cancer is an uninvited guest in this family’s life.

Infection rages through his young body and prayers go before the throne for healing and health.

This young boy is a fighter, in the thick of  battle.

Shoulders heavy with the burden, knees buckle under the weight.

Hearts ache, lives are changed.

Life is hard. So hard. And aren’t we all acquainted with grief in some form?

Even those of us that are Christ followers, struggle with the “why me?”. And in the back of our minds, maybe never uttered aloud is  the, “I don’t deserve this. This was not part of my plan. How, God, could You allow this?”

And the brokenness of our world cracks wide open…along with our hearts.

When sin entered this world, it brought with it the pain we all feel.

The tightening in our chest from life tilting us until we are sick.

It is at these times when it is difficult to see God’s hand, when His plans don’t make sense, that we are called to rely on what we do know about God, instead of demanding answers to what we don’t and cannot know.

I remind myself, of this too……

Seek God daily, build intimacy and relationship with Him, so that when the darkest of times come, and they come for us all, we will have the assurance of God’s love and presence…even in the dark….when we can’t see. He will lead us through the darkest of valleys–to the other side.


The Lord is close to the brokenhearted
    and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18 NIV


2 thoughts on “Fighting The Battle

  1. Thank you, Dawn. God has led me to read stories over the past month or so of people who have suffered unbearable pain and suffering of another kind, childhood sexual abuse. As I read those stories I wonder how many other stories out there don’t ever get told. God has certainly been showing me how He has blessed my life with His grace. Thank you for sharing this and reminding me to commit more time in prayer for those I know who are suffering with health issues as well and fighting battles we can’t even imagine every day. God bless you.

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